People like poker chips as they have come to symbolize the power of the free market and of course, money -- so it follows that custom poker chips are great for a variety of promotional uses.  They can be given away at a variety of venues like tradeshows & car sales, corporate events and more.  Can't find what you're looking for on this page? Use the search feature in the sidebar or the top of the page to find more-- We have thousands of promotional marketing items from which to choose!


8-Stripe Poker Chips (9 Colors) Fast Turn 3-5 Days! No Minimums (2 Side Imprint)
As low as: $0.34

Liberty™ 12-Stripe Exclusive Custom Poker Chip
As low as: $0.47

Poker Chip 1 1/2"
As low as: $0.31

11.5 G Professional Clay Poker Chips
As low as: $0.37

6-Stripe Poker Chips (9 Colors) Fast Turn 3-5 Days! No Minimums (2 Side Imprint)
As low as: $0.34

Clay Poker Chips w/ TSR 8 Stripe & 4 Color Process Imprint/ No Labels
As low as: $0.35

Liberty™ 3-Spot Custom Poker Chips
As low as: $0.24

Plastic Coin or Poker Chip w/ Full Color Process
As low as: $0.29

Dice Style Poker Chips (10 Colors) Fast Turn 3-5 Days! No Minimums (2 Side Imprint)
As low as: $0.31

Solid Color Plastic Poker Chips (1.56" Dia.x.110" Thick)
As low as: $0.13

Custom Laser Engraved Wooden One Sided Poker Chips
As low as: $0.78

Monte Carlo Poker Chips
As low as: $0.45

Suited Style Poker Chips (10 Colors) Fast Turn 3-5 Days! No Minimums (2 Side Imprint)
As low as: $0.31

Portrait Design Poker Chips (Color Foil Stamped)
As low as: $0.24

Liberty™ G-Line Cardsuit Custom Poker Chip
As low as: $0.47


How Custom Poker Chips are a Good Marketing Gamble

Poker is more popular than ever before. Whether it's poker shows on TV, poker scenes in movies, or even rapidly growing poker clubs in real life, it's clear that this classic game is making a serious comeback. However, it's not just casinos that are benefiting from this trend, and many ordinary businesses are finding that a lighthearted game of poker can be a great way to reach out to customers, particularly if that game features promotional poker chips.

Logo imprinted poker chips are basically the same as ordinary casino poker chips, but with the logo of your company printed in on them instead of the logo of a casino. They come in the standard set of colors associated with poker chips, while the center can be printed either with a single color or multiple color logo. It's possible to order chips individually, or as part of a complete poker set. Individual poker chips can work well as general giveaways or souvenirs for an event, while complete poker sets work better for those who need a more sizable gift or the equipment to throw a full poker event of their own. Logo imprinted poker sets do also have the advantage of having a logo printed on the box as well as the chips, allowing for more thorough branding.

Poker chips can make memorable gifts and tradeshow giveaways, but events are where they really shine. Poker tournaments are extremely popular at the moment, and logo imprinted poker chips give the companies that sponsor them the perfect way to brand the event. Events like casino nights are fun for everyone, regardless of skill level, and provide the same marketing opportunities for the businesses that hold them. After seeing the custom poker chips all over the event, and even possibly being given a few to take home as souvenirs, you can be sure that the participants won't forget the company that gave them their good time.

Promotional poker chips are a must-have for any company throwing a poker event, and they can work really well in a number of other situations as well. If you'd like your customers to associate your business with the fun and excitement of poker, this is the promotional item you're looking for.


customized poker chips  


Poker Chip Gift Sets

300 Piece Titanium Poker Set
As low as: $68.80

8.25" x 14.25" - Hardwood Box - Poker Set - Laser Engraved
As low as: $87.58

Leatherette Poker Set
As low as: $27.95

Sleek black game case with two decks of playing cards and 5 poker dice
As low as: $18.28

Business Card Gift Pack
As low as: $2.11

Poker Set w/ 50 Chips
As low as: $17.20

Gift Set with Poker Chip
As low as: $16.77

Black Wooden Box Poker Set
As low as: $16.34

Wooden Box Poker Set
As low as: $57.93

1 Ball Tournament Pack
As low as: $3.74

300 Piece Poker Chip Set, Rosewood Finish, 15 1/4"(L) x 2"(H) x 7 1/2"(W)
As low as: $60.81

6" x 10.75" - Hardwood Box - Poker Set - Laser Engraved - USA-Made
As low as: $203.43

7.5" x 15" - Engraved 300 Chip Rosewood Poker Set
As low as: $50.49

Chess and Other Games in Dice Box
As low as: $20.64

500 Pc Executive Poker Set
As low as: $91.97

Poker Chip Gift Sets

Custom printed poker chips are not just for Atlantic City or Las Vegas Style Casino Resorts, riverboats, gaming bars, charity fundraising tournaments and private clubs.  Poker chips can be logo printed with any business name and logo for a unique and fun way of advertising.