Independent Contractors in the Beauty Industry.  Windy Cities (Not Just Chicago!)  Tanning Salons.  Tourist Shops and Trading Posts or Hiking Trails. Beauty Supply Stores and Hair Stylists.  All of these business and more can successfully use logo personalized hair brushes to bring more business.  They can be given away at car shows, fashion shows, nightclubs and more.  Can't find the brush you're looking for?  Use the search feature to find more custom hair brushes or other promotional items-- We have thousands to choose from!


Folding Hair Brush Mirror
As low as: $0.88

Compact Hair Brush w/Mirror
As low as: $1.22

Oval Wooden Paddle Hair Brush Comb
As low as: $2.86

Soft Feel Hair Brush
As low as: $2.42

Wooden beard comb hair brush
As low as: $0.86

Detangler hair tangle comb hair brush
As low as: $1.90

Cheap Hair Brush Airbag Massage Comb
As low as: $0.62

Wooden Hair Brush
As low as: $2.43

Microphone / Hair Brush Compressed T-shirt
As low as: $4.30

Hair Brush
As low as: $2.14

Hair Brush
As low as: $1.21

New-Fashion Hair Brush
As low as: $2.75

Mirror w/Hair Brush
As low as: $0.61

Wood Travel Hair Brush
As low as: $1.72

Oval Wooden Massage Hair Brush Comb
As low as: $1.72


Groom Your Prospects with Custom Hairbrushes

Anyone with hair of any significant length will inevitably need to brush it to keep it neat and stylish.  No one wants to have hair that's knotted and tangled, and a good hairbrush is the only real way to keep that from happening.  With such a large percentage of the population needing brushes, promotional hairbrushes can make an effective gift for just about any customer base.

Most people who need hairbrushes own at least one that they use on a regular basis, but fortunately, logo imprinted hairbrushes set themselves apart in one very simple yet important way: portability.  Promotional hairbrushes are typically folding hairbrushes, with a handle that folds over the bristles of the brush when not in use.  This not only gives the hairbrush a more compact form for storage in a purse or bag, but also helps to keep the bristles impact even when the brush is bumping up against other objects.

Any business can give custom hairbrushes to their customers or clients, but they work best for a few specific types of businesses.  The first are those businesses in the beauty and hair care industries.  Hair salons will always have customers in need of hairbrushes, and they can seriously benefit from having those customers see their logos while caring for their own hair.  In the same way, drugstores and cosmetics stores will often sell these kinds of brushes alongside their hair care products.

Businesses relating to travel can also use hairbrushes very effectively as promotional products.  Travel agencies, hotels, and other such businesses have a customer base that is guaranteed to be traveling, and that will greatly benefit from the portability of such a brush.  Given the choice between bringing an ordinary brush on a trip and taking the more compact foldable brush, most people will opt for the one that gives them more space in their bag.

Whether your business relates to hair care or to travel, promotional hairbrushes are certain to be useful to your customers.  With the ability to fold them up and take them anywhere, you can be sure your customers will be seeing the logo on the brush time after time.


custom hairbrushes  

Hairbrush Combinations:

Hairbrush Mirror

Folding Hair Brush Mirror
As low as: $0.88

Round Hairbrush/Sew Kit/Mirror (Full Color)
As low as: $1.40

Folding Hairbrush Mirror
As low as: $1.08

Folding Brush and Mirror
As low as: $1.03

Hairbrush with Mirror
As low as: $1.04

Round Hairbrush/Sew Kit/Mirror
As low as: $1.35

Egg shape Massage Comb
As low as: $0.52

3-in-1 Compact Travel Kit
As low as: $1.08

Folding Mirror Mini Pop Up Hairbrush
As low as: $0.86

Custom Folding Mirror Comb
As low as: $0.84

Round Plastic Sewing Kit/ Mirror/ Hair Brush Combo (3-5 Days)
As low as: $1.17

Foldable Massage Comb with Mirror
As low as: $0.53

Female 11-Piece Hygiene Kit with Sport Drawstring Backpack
As low as: $12.90

Hair Brush Executive Keychain W/ Mirrored Back (10 Square Inch)
As low as: $2.29

Hair Brush Executive Wreath Ornament w/ Mirrored Back (10 Square Inch)
As low as: $2.29

Hairbrush Mirror