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Whether for a company barbeque or picnic or an outdoor marketing event, logo personalized cooler can keep fun in the marketing equation.  Cooler are a well established friendly and comfortable way to display your corporate identity or message, while those you are impacting are having a good time in the sun.  If you need to look further for a cooler beyond what you see on this page, use our friendly search bar, or even do an advanced search.  There are many choices available!


Paso Robles Wine Bottle Cooler Bag
As low as: $10.06

Benchmark Lunch Cooler Bag
As low as: $17.45

Barbuda Folding Cooler Tote
As low as: $4.30

Small Boat Cooler
As low as: $13.76

Rhino Large Cooler     
As low as: $12.89

Houndstooth Picnic Cooler for Two
As low as: $41.78

Somerton 2 Person Picnic Cooler Set
As low as: $24.90

Double Wine Cooler Bag with Corkscrew
As low as: $13.92

Picnic Backpack for 2 with Cooler
As low as: $55.71

Wine Sack Single Bottle Canvas Duffel w/Corkscrew
As low as: $13.33

Ridge Cooler Picnic Bag
As low as: $10.57

Eco-Green Refreshing Insulated Lunch Bag
As low as: $1.97

Sunset Wine Set
As low as: $23.21

As low as: $48.11

Cooler Tote Bag
As low as: $7.96


How Custom Coolers Can Break the Ice

Keeping beverages cool is one of the challenges of spending a day outdoors, particularly on a hot summer day.  Left in an ordinary bag, any soft drinks, water, or juice brought along for the day will inevitably grow warm in the heat of the sun. Insulated coolers are the only hope anyone has of keeping these drinks cool throughout the day, which is why many businesses like to distribute promotional coolers as part of their summer marketing.

Logo imprinted coolers exist in a range of different sizes, all of which are based around how many cans they can hold. Coolers can be found in six-can, twelve-can, and twenty-four-can sizes.  This fits very neatly with the standard amounts of cans people are likely to purchase and bring with them on their trips.  However, while the major purpose of promotional cooler bags is holding cans, they can easily be used to store other things as well.  Any type of food or drink can be stored in the cooler bag and still be fresh for a barbecue or picnic.

In addition to the different sizes, there are also a good number of choices when it comes to the shape and color of logo imprinted cooler bags.  Cooler bags are generally a solid color, but that color can be just about anything, making it easy to pair the bag with any number of different logos.  The shape of the cooler bag is strongly related to function.  Standard logo imprinted coolers are typically rectangular, but you can also find insulated cooler bags shaped like duffel bags, tote bags, and even backpacks.  All of them have a fairly large space for the logo, guaranteeing that a large number of people will see it when it's used.

Any of these promotional cooler bags will work well as gifts for special customers, particularly as part of customer reward programs.  The backpack versions are especially good for hikers and campers.  Standard versions can also be used during company picnics and barbecues to keep drinks cool, and during other events when your business is providing the food or drink.

However, whether you give your promotional coolers to customers or to your own people at company events, you can be sure that they'll be appreciated.  Those who use them will be thankful to have their drinks remain cool, and they'll keep your logo out in the world for everyone to see.


custom coolers  



Igloo® Maddox Deluxe Cooler - Gunmetal Grey
As low as: $17.20

Igloo 1/2 Gallon Beverage Cooler
As low as: $10.20

Branded Igloo IMX 24 Qt. Hard Side Cooler with Vinyl Print
As low as: $123.84

Igloo® Juneau Backpack Cooler - Gunmetal
As low as: $41.63

Igloo® Terrain Cooler - Gunmetal
As low as: $49.08

White Igloo® Legend 12 Can Cooler
As low as: $29.40

Igloo® Maddox Cooler - Gunmetal Grey
As low as: $20.36

Igloo® Yukon Cooler - Gunmetal
As low as: $17.14

Igloo® Maddox XL Cooler - Gunmetal Grey
As low as: $39.44

Igloo Legend 12 Cooler
As low as: $27.07

Igloo® Playmate Mini
As low as: $27.40

White Igloo® 52 Quart Decorator Ice Chest
As low as: $51.07

Black Igloo® 52 Quart Decorator Ice Chest
As low as: $53.01

White Igloo® Legend 6 Can Cooler
As low as: $24.23

Igloo BMX 52
As low as: $122.47