Whether you own a hair salon, barber shop, beauty school or are just looking for a practical customized item for a trade show or other event, custom combs are a down-to-earth items that many people use year round.  They can also be given away at car shows, hair shows, fashion shows and more.  You create the message you want to display. Cannot find what you're looking for below? Use the search feature in the sidebar or at the top and look for more items.  We have dozens of combs and comb combinations and thousands of custom friendly promotional products to choose from!


Boutique Comb
As low as: $0.82

Custom Detangling Hair Brush
As low as: $2.00

Standard Unbreakable Comb
As low as: $0.49

Folding Comb With Mirror
As low as: $1.02

Unbreakable Pocket Comb
As low as: $0.31

Bamboo Wide Tooth Hair Comb
As low as: $1.64

Custom Squirt Detangler Hair Brush
As low as: $1.28

Pet Dog Flea Lice Comb Trimmer
As low as: $1.33

Dog Flea Comb
As low as: $1.18

Baby Comb
As low as: $0.98

Hair Salon Promotions Comb
As low as: $0.51

Circular Folding Mirror Comb
As low as: $1.36

Detangler Comb
As low as: $0.70

Folding Comb & Mirror
As low as: $0.86

Natural Wooden Comb
As low as: $0.86


How to Comb Your Sales Territory for More Customers

One thing that nearly everyone is guaranteed to have as part of their daily routine is some form of basic hair care.  This could mean brushing or styling, but even the most minimalist among us will usually bother to give their hair a comb.  As such, promotional combs will be useful to anyone with hair, and even more useful to the hair- and beauty-related businesses that have them produced.

The most common place you're likely to see logo imprinted combs is in a barbershop or hair salon.  Many of these businesses use customized combs while giving the actual haircuts, and many of them give the combs to customers who have just received haircuts as well.  Hygiene is very important part of any hair care business, and giving the comb that's just been used during the haircut to the customer is a strong but subtle way of proving that no one is getting a haircut with a dirty comb.  It also gives the customer something to take with them, and that will remind them of the salon the next time they're combing their hair and think it might be time for another haircut.

Businesses that sell products relating to hair can benefit from logo imprinted combs as well.  Both drugstores and actual cosmetics stores sell large numbers of shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products requiring repeated purchases, and having the logo of the store visible to their customers as they go about their daily hair routines can make a very strong impact.  The combs can either be given as gifts to customers, such as those who have purchased over a certain amount, or they can simply be sold as basic combs along with the other hair products.

However they are placed in the hands of customers, promotional combs are a powerful form of advertisement for any business dealing with hair.  There isn't much more such a business can ask for than to have their logo right there while the customer considers what to do with their hair next.


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Pet Comb
As low as: $0.73

Folding Travel Mirror/Comb Set - Full Color
As low as: $0.84

Men's Brush And Comb Kit
As low as: $2.72

Hair Brush With Mirror
As low as: $0.33

Reed & Barton Personalized Georgia™ Pewter Girl's Brush & Comb Set
As low as: $107.50

Baby Brush & Comb Set
As low as: $2.73

Massage Hair Brush w/Air Bag Cushion
As low as: $2.28

Baby Combo Brush and Mirror Set
As low as: $45.15

3-In-1 Brush And Pill Case Kit
As low as: $1.08

Folding Travel Mirror & Comb Set
As low as: $0.75

Mini Folding Pocket Hair Comb with Mirror
As low as: $0.50

Sexy Lip Comb
As low as: $1.42

Folding Mirror Mini Pop Up Hairbrush
As low as: $0.86

Travel Folding Hair Comb Mirror
As low as: $0.92

Kid's Brush & Comb Set
As low as: $0.65