Are you a public insurance adjuster looking for more methods of reaching potential clients?  Add promotional products to your marketing arsenal!  JH Studios has tons of products public insurance adjusters regularly use to put their contact information in the right hands at the right time, including everything from promotional pens and office supplies to promotional mints and more.  We have countless categories here among our more than one million products, so no matter what item you think would best fit your company name, customer base, or area of focus, you'll find plenty of options to choose from.

Public insurance adjusters have a good number of items perfectly suited for promotional campaigns.  Many public insurance adjusters choose items that relate to the particular types of claims they focus on, such as injuries or property damage.  JH Studios has tons of house-shaped and car-shaped promotional items available for customization. Items that potential clients or customers are likely to use when thinking about a claim are also very effective, and we have a good selection of those as well.  Promotional pens are easy enough to put into potential clients' hands when they're filling out forms or documents, while promotional magnifiers can be very helpful in reading those documents.  (continued below)

There are multiple ways for claim adjusters to put their promotional products into the hands of potential clients.  Giving promotional products to those who ask for an initial consultation makes a very good first impression, while also ensuring that the name of your public insurance adjuster business remains close to mind even after they leave.  Depending on the type of claims your business deals with, giving promotional products to businesses relating to your area of focus can also lead to referrals.

However you get them into the hands of potential customers, promotional products will ensure that they'll be familiar with your business when they need to be.  If you would like people in your area coming to you with their insurance claims, JH Studios has a terrific assortment of custom products that can convince them to do exactly that.

Article by Mirtha Holland


Public Insurance Adjuster Marketing Items