Do you operate a campground or camping area?  Are you looking for logo imprinted items you can use to promote your campground or earn extra money from visitors? You've found the right website.  JH Studios is the proud home of greater than one million unique custom printed items that you can imprint with the unique logo of your campground, including a sizable collection of items guaranteed to appeal to any camper.

Campgrounds use an incredible variety of custom printed items to promote themselves and to generate extra income from campers.  Naturally, most of these items are related to camping, and you'll find a wide range of camping, hiking, and outdoor items here on our website.  Items that provide light or heat are always very popular with campers, including higher-quality versions of flashlights, lanterns, or lighters as well as low-cost models good for promotional giveaways or free souvenirs and other items which you can find via our search bar above. (continued below)

We also have a good variety of other items that people typically use while camping. JH Studios has a full collection of promotional clothing, including outdoor clothing like jackets, hats, and gloves.  We also have a good number of customizable bags and packs, including both backpacks and waist packs.  Useful items like water bottles, food containers, and emergency kits are always popular with campers, and nonperishable food items like logo imprinted trail mix are also popular sellers.  If there's an item popularly used by campers, you're likely to find a customizable version of it here at JH Studios.

Promotional items are a great way to promote a campground while keeping campers happy at the same time.  Whether you're looking for a set of campground promotional items to sell or give away, you're sure to find exactly custom products your campground needs here at JHStudios.com.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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