It's a tough market for a architecture firm these days, and those looking to attract and retain clients need to utilize every single tool they have available. People don't generally choose an architecture firm based on a billboard or radio ad, and if you'd like to avoid having to compete with every other architect found in the search engine results, you're going to beat them to the punch. This is where promotional products can do you a huge service.

Promotional items make a far better impression than ads from even the first moment they're seen by a potential client. People are aware that promotional items are ads for the company that gives them away, but they still feel like they've received a little gift instead of being advertised to. A good promotional item will make a much friendlier, more positive impression on a trade show attendee or potential client learning about your architecture firm for the first time, and the recipient will think of you and your company each time they put the item to use in everyday life.  (continued below)

Architecture firms have a variety of promotional products that fit logically with the industry they're in, and we carry all of them here at JH Studios. Items like promotional rulers, tape measures, and drafting instruments are very good choices for promoting architectural services, and they have the bonus advantage of being fairly likely to be used at times when potential clients are thinking about architectural projects. House-shaped promotional products are another good fit with an architecture firm, and JH Studios also features a huge number of these products, including everything from notepads to stress relievers.

Both planners and house-themed items are highly effective items for promoting an architecture firm, but any promotional product can be used to promote such a firm with the right customization. No matter which particular type of item you'd like to use to promote your business, we're sure to have it here among our collection of over one million amazing custom printed products.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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