Do you own or work for an airport? Are you interested in newer, better ways to market and create income for that airport? JH Studios has what you've been looking for. Promotional products can not only help your airport to make a positive impression on travelers, but also generate a significant amount of income through sales as souvenirs and convenience items. JH Studios maintains a stock of over 1 million fully customizable promotional items that you can easily tailor to your airport.

What kinds of promotional items do travelers most like to see? Ones that make air travel more convenient or more comfortable are always favorites. JH Studios can provide you with a number of variations on the basic air travel sleeping kit with a sleep mask and ear plugs, as well as more elaborate versions with other items. We also carry a number of other travel conveniences or necessities, including regulation toiletries, travel alarm clocks, travel bags, and neck pillows, among many others. Travelers who have forgotten to pack a particular item or who have just realized that they could use something to make their a flight little more comfortable are very ready customers for any of these items, and they're likely to use your logo imprinted version not only for the rest of their trip, but potentially on future trips as well.  (continued below)

Many travelers also like picking the little trinkets or souvenirs at airports, particularly those who are on vacation. JH Studios has an incredible variety of items that you can customize with the logo of your airport or with a design featuring the city or state that your airport is in. Keychains, baseball caps, and T-shirts are always popular choices, but you'll find plenty of others that have a good chance of appealing to a tourist on their way back home.
With more than 1 million products in our selection, JH Studios is certain to have everything you need to keep your airport fully stocked with the items travelers need. You won't find a better place for your custom products or souvenirs.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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