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Stuffed Tiger

Branded with Your Design

School Mascots - Plush Tiger


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Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My! Get the perfect fundraising product for your school or university. These little stuffed mascots are the perfect addition to your school store or fundraising event. You can get whatever your school mascot is and put a t-shirt on it with your school name. All students love to have a remembrance of their school days and it's a fun way to bring more funds to your school.

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Custom Mascots - Sitting Tiger
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The prices on this page are subject to change without notice. Description and decoration method information is provided by our suppliers. We, at JH Studios, Inc., do our best to keep our product information and pricing up to date, however, should you find an error please let us know by submitting it to our contact form. Please feel free to call and verify current pricing before placing your order. Thank you.

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Stuffed Tiger

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