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Drawstring Cinch Tote Sun Kit. Reusable 210 Deep polyester tote. Good-looking 2 tone design. FDA compliant contents. Brightly colored polyester drawstring bag, compact and excellent for trade show giveaways. Contains 2 sun screen packets, 1 Blistex packet + more. The Drawstring Cinch Tote Sun Kit is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA, FDA. 5" Wide x 5" High

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FDA approved. Broad spectrum SPF 30. Coconut scented. PABA free. The 1 Oz. Safeguard Squeeze Bottle Sunscreen is compliant with FDA. 1.5" Diameter x 3.625" High

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FDA approved. Contains 0.5 Oz. of broad spectrum SPF 30. Vanilla scented. Convenient twist move stick up and down. Two year shelf life. Not available for sale in Canada. The .5 Oz. Safeguard Sunscreen Stick is compliant with FDA. 3" Length x 1.5" Width x 0.75" Height

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Adult-sized sunglasses with solid color matte plastic frames with tinted lenses. Lenses feature ultraviolet protection level UV400. 5.5" Width x 1.875" Height x 5.5" Depth

Cooling Towel/Workout Towel

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Cooling towel is comprised of polyester that become instant cool when soaked with water, wrung out and then snapped in the air. Great to keep you cool and comfortable in the summer outdoor activities. Other colors are available. 33.5" Length x 13.75" Width

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Produced Of Polycarbonate Material With Velvet-Touch Rubberized Overspray. UV400 Lenses Provide 100 percent UVA And UVB Protection. The Velvet Touch Malibu Sunglasses is compliant with CPSIA.

Use this multi-function headwear in a variety of different ways including as a neck gaiter, bandana, headband, hood, scrunchie, skull cap, wrist band, helmet liner, rally towel, and more! Just dip in water to activate cooling, or use dry to wick away sweat and provide protection from sun, rain, dust, and wind. Use it without water to wick away moisture. Comprised of 100 percent polyester fabric, this lightweight, tubular buff dries soft and is machine washable. One size fits most. Full Dye sublimation. 10" Width x 18" Height

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One color print fan with wooden handle. Whether you decide to sponsor an company event and pass this great marketing item out there or if you just hand them out to passersby on scorching hot days, this hand fan is certain to bring a smile to anyone's face. Round fan, glued, one sided, 16 point board stock, 1 print color. The Round Glued Hand Fan is compliant with CPSIA. 7.5" Diameter

Union Imprinted, Cooling Towel with Case, microfiber suede towel keeps you cool in the heat, while walking, running, golfing, gardening or at your gym workouts. Make constantly freezing watery ice packs a thing of the past, this requires no refrigeration, instead it activates when you simply soak it in water, wring out and snap it! It comes with case to store and carry towel anywhere. Durable, reusable and machine washable. Towel size 15" x 13" Full Co. 7.5" Long x 2.25" Wide x 2.25" High

Foam Sun Visor

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EVA foam sun visor is soft, light and comfortable. Back strap adjusts, so one size fits all. The Foam Sun Visor is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 9.5" Width x 14" Length x 1/8" Thick

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