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24 oz Surge Sport Bottle

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24 Ounce capacity is not too small, not too large. Unique lid features a spill proof, leak proof valve. Squeeze to drink provides easy 1 hand operation. Use it while running, biking, or any other activity. Festive, fun colors that appeal to all ages. Produced in the USA. Frost bottle with ribbed grip handle. Graduation marks on side of bottle. BPA Free. FDA Approved. Cal OEHHA Prop 65 Compliant. The 24 oz Surge Sport Bottle is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 9.75" Height

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Full-size golf umbrella, with 62" canopy arc. Lightning and wind resistant. All-fiberglass construction. Matching fabric case with shoulder strap. Hardwood handle suitable for laser engraving. Absolute minimum 12 pieces, inquire for pricing. 62" Diameter

Sun Care Kit

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With its slim design, this outdoor kit fits easily into pocket or purse. Includes 3 latex-free bandages and 2 SPF 30 sunscreen packets. The Sun Care Kit is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2" Width x 4.5" Height x 3/8" Depth

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Fun-in-the-sun style floats in water and features brightly colored neon or black temples and dark, ultraviolet-protective lenses. The Neon Sunglasses w/White Frame is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2" Height x 5.75" Width

Neoprene Visor

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Flat sun visor that contours to your head for a comfortable fit. Ideal for team sports. Soft and safe to use while being active. The Neoprene Visor is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 10.25" Height x 7" Width x 1/4" Depth

Stretch-It™ Visor

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Comprised of stretchable polyester material. Lightweight, comfortable fabric that provides UV protection. One size fits most. The Stretch-It™ Visor is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 11" Height x 6.5" Width x 1" Depth

Four Color Process print decoration white sandwiched hand fan. 12 point board stock with a wooden handle. Whether you decide to sponsor an advertising event and pass this great specialty item out there or if you just hand them out to passersby on scorching hot days, this hand fan is certain to bring a smile to anyone's face. Round fan, sandwiched, 4 Color Process. The Round Sandwiched Hand Fan is compliant with CPSIA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 7.5" Diameter

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Silver reflective surface. Suction cups to keep sun shade open and close to windshield. Accordion style fold with elastic strap to hold it closed. Call for quote on overseas production of four color process full bleed sun shade. The Accordian Fold Mylar Sun Shade is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 58" Length x 27" Width

PS2455LS-BB Single Loop with the New Patented Contoured Flap Design. ©Intertek U.S. Patent D470,446, D707,597 and other Patent Pend. Hi-tek Bright BLue collapsible fabric sunshade. One piece construction with a single loop. Spring wire design collapses to approximately 14 inch diameter, held together with built-in elastic strap. Patented Design with contoured Flaps wings for optimum coverage of front windshield. The Prest-O-Shade LS Registered Brand Patented Contoured Design. Single loop with Wingletts is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 55" Wide x 25" High

Union Imprinted, Cooling Towel with Case, microfiber suede towel keeps you cool in the heat, while walking, running, golfing, gardening or at your gym workouts. Make constantly freezing watery ice packs a thing of the past, this requires no refrigeration, instead it activates when you simply soak it in water, wring out and snap it! It comes with case to store and carry towel anywhere. Durable, reusable and machine washable. Towel size 15" x 13" Full Co. 7.5" Long x 2.25" Wide x 2.25" High

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