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Features a double front cover with large pocket and five card pockets, one with clear window. 80 Sheet ruled pad on both sides. Full inside front cover pocket, two ribbon page markers, a pen loop, strap closure, with decorative stitched edge. 5.5" Length x 8.25" Width x 1" Height

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Credit card-sized magnifier with 5X magnification power is thin and easy to carry. Features a bright LED light and stylus pen that fits in a slot in the magnifier. 3.125" Length x 2" Width x 0.25" Height

Tote/ Book bag with full gusset side & bottom. 12 Oz. cotton canvas with shoulder strap. Natural Biodegradable material. 11" Width x 14" Length x 5" Depth

Compact Magnifier Light

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Contemporary design. LED light. 3x magnification. Four replaceable button cell batteries inserted. 4.75" Length x 2" Width x 0.6875" Height

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Searching for some fun? Look no further and enjoy this new LARGE PRINT Word Search Puzzle book. Filled with great topics, you are sure to boost your vocabulary, memory and problem-solving skills - Ideal for both adults and kids! Full sized, 8" x 10 ½" books allow for large imprint puzzles and answer keys, making them easy to read! Full color, heavy duty cover with dozens of puzzles plus two bonus challenge puzzles. Add a pencil and make it a Puzzle Pack! The LARGE PRINT Word Search Puzzle Book - Volume 1 is compliant with ASTM. 8" Width x 10.5" Length

Twist It USB LED Light

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Plugs into USB port. Provides light for reading. Twists and bends In any direction. 6.625" Length x 0.75" Width x 0.375" Height

Add Up Multifunction Ruler

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Features: ruler, magnifier and solar powered calculator. 180 degree scale. 5.25" Length x 0.125" Width x 1.75" Height


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A ruler and a magnifier. Translucent plastic magnifies individual lines of text. 12.375" Length x 2" Width x 0.25" Height

Magnifying Card Light

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Perfect for reading fine imprint & when in low light situations. Credit card magnifier fits in wallet. Powerful LED light illuminates page. 3X magnification power. Coin cell battery inserted. 3.375" Long x 2.125" Wide x 0.125" High

Hyena Highlighter

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Classic design highlighter. Cool-color barrel, black accents. Chisel tip for thin or wide marking . 5.5" Length

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