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Dual Flashlight

As Low As
Sleek contemporary design. 12 LED lights on front. 3 LED lights on top. Three AAA batteries inserted. 6" Long x 2" Wide x 1.375" High

USB Flex Light

As Low As
Plugs into USB port. Features 5 LED lights. Ideal for illuminating a laptop keyboard. Fully bendable. 0.5" Diameter x 14.625" High

Flashing Car Key Chain

As Low As
LED lights flash red and blue. Split key ring with chain. 2.625" Length x 1.125" Width x 0.875" Height

Flash & Light Clip

As Low As
Safety reflector with three light settings - permanent, flashing or blinking. Lights come in three different colors with carabiner hook. 3" Long x 1.625" Wide x 0.375" High

Grab & Glow Flashlight

As Low As
-Magnetic Ready-Release core connects the vivid COB light on its carabineer hook -A simple pull of the Ready-Release core detaches the light's base from the carabineer, activating the COB light. -3 versatile light modes (bright, dim and blinking) offer the ideal light to fit your needs, with each pull of the Ready-Release mechanism activating a different mode. -Clips to any backpack, purse, keychain, and more. -Comprised of strong aluminum and ABS plastic. 4.375" Long x 0.875" Diameter

Hang Tight LED Ready Light

As Low As
The attached 38" cord is used for hanging this unique light almost anywhere. Simply pull down on light to turn on and off. Use to illuminate dark areas such as closet, garage, attic, basement, under hood of car, etc. Great camping light. Three AAA batteries inserted. 2.1875" Long x 2.1875" Wide x 6.0625" High

Combo LED Light & Lantern

As Low As
Use as a flashlight or pop open for a lantern. Aluminum with clip at top for hanging. LED light with two replaceable button cell batteries inserted. Push button switch at top. 1.5" Diameter x 4" High

Whisper Lamp

As Low As
-Inventive pressure sensor around the rim quickly brightens your space with just a light touch. -Magically turn the lamp on or off with a simple puff of breath through the opening. -LED light brightens up the room. -Dimmer dial gives you complete control over the brightness of your light. -Includes On/Off switch and power indicator light. -Powered by 3 AAA batteries, included. 2.875" Long x 2.875" Wide x 8" High

Top Choice LED Task Light

As Low As
Sleek contemporary design. 18 clear lights and 6 flashing red lights on side. 9 clear lights on one end. Strong magnet and "D" ring on one end. Rubberized easy grip case. Hex shaped trim prevents rolling. Three AAA batteries inserted. 1.125" Diameter x 9" Height

Light-N-Laser Ruler

As Low As
4" and 10 centimeter scales. Two LED light flashlight. Red laser pointer. Replaceable button cell battery inserted. 4.1875" Length x 1.0625" Width x 0.375" Height

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