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Contains 20 ml (0.676 Oz.) of antibacterial spray with 62 percent alcohol. Credit card shaped spray sanitizer. 2-year shelf life. Additional charges apply for International and Air shipments. See Compliance for details. 2.125" Length x 3.375" Width x 0.4375" Height

UV Value Balm SPF 15

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Perfect for both cost effectiveness and broad spectrum sun protection, our value lip balm with SPF 15 is an excellent way to promote. Produced with petroleum, mineral oil, coconut oil, paraffin wax, and ozokerite wax, it's a choice that works for any kind of budget. Available flavors: Mint, Unflavored, Apple, Cherry, Citrus, Iced Pear, Pomegranate, Vanilla. The UV Value Balm SPF 15 is compliant with FDA.

Lip Balm

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SPF 15 Protection . Broad Spectrum Formula Protects Against Both UVA And UVB Rays, Reducing The Risk Of Sunburn, Skin Cancer And Premature Skin Aging. Safety Sealed. Meets FDA Requirements. The Lip Balm is compliant with FDA. 2.625" Height

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Contains one 0.25 ounce lip balm and one 1.5 ounce of Hand Lotion in a mesh gift bag with drawstring closure. Mix or match between 8 different colors of Lip Balm and 3 different colors of the Lotion. Manufactured in the USA. Print decoration is included on both lip balms. Must be the same print decoration. If a dark and light color of lip balm are selected, an ink color change additional charge will apply. Medicated Tangerine and Lemon not available for sale in Canada. EQP DOES NOT APPLY. The EOS Lip Balm & Hand Lotion Combo Gift Pack is compliant with FDA. 1.625" Diameter x 1.75" Height

Doctor Stress Reliever

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Stress, Reliever, Stress Toy, Squishy, Novelty, Squeeze, Tension, Anxiety, Frustration, Human, Medical, Physician, Health, Wellness, Doctor, Medic, Rn. The Doctor Stress Reliever is compliant with CPSIA. 1.625" Long x 3.625" Wide x 1.125" High

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A new concept in stress relievers! Enjoy the serenity of these slo-releasing squishys - Softer, more soothing feel - With every squeeze, the Happy Face slowly returns to shape. 2" Length x 2.375" Width x 2" Height

Construction Cone Key Chain

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key, chain, keychain, stress, reliever, stress reliever, ROAD, ROADWORK, barricade, concrete, safety, traffic, cone, construction, site, build, keyring, key ring, novelty, novelties. 1.5" Long x 1.75" Wide x 1.5" High

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Comes with face shown. The Hard Hat Mad Cap Stress Reliever is compliant with CPSIA. 2.625" Long x 2.25" Wide x 2.375" High

Emoticon Stress Ball

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Polyurethane stress ball. 19 Stock colors. Price includes your choice of any 1-color stock Emoticon Graphic PLUS your 1-color logo printed on the opposite side. One Emoticon Graphic per order. The Emoticon Stress Ball is compliant with CPSIA. 2.75" Diameter

Plush Hot/Cold Pack

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Plush Aqua bead gel therapy pack. One side is covered with ultra-soft, plush material providing the ultimate in comfort and relaxation! Microwave and freezer safe. Store in refrigerator or freezer for cool use. Instructions included with promotional product. Safety tested for CPSIA, FDA and TRA reports for gel beads are available upon request. Easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Same hot/cold pack carried by America's leading drugstores. The Plush Hot/Cold Pack is compliant with CPSIA, FDA. 7.5" Long x 4.75" Wide x 0.75" High

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