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It's important to stay hydrated, yet keep functionality and your style. This stainless steel water bottle will serve all those needs. Its double wall stainless steel is non-toxic, non-leaching, and BPA free. The bottle also features vacuum insulation technology that will keep your hot drinks HOT and cold drinks refreshingly cold, all while having a unique design that is eye-catching and fits many different lifestyles. There's no way to NOT get your company image noticed with this promo promotional product. 2.625" Diameter x 10.5" High

Cooling Towel w/Case

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Union Imprinted, Cooling Towel with Case, microfiber suede towel keeps you cool in the heat, while walking, running, golfing, gardening or at your gym workouts. Make constantly freezing watery ice packs a thing of the past, this requires no refrigeration, instead it activates when you simply soak it in water, wring out and snap it! It comes with case to store and carry towel anywhere. Durable, reusable and machine washable. Towel size 15" x 13". 7.5" Length x 2.25" Width x 2.25" Height

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Stress, Reliever, Stress Toy, Squishy, Novelty, Squeeze, Tension, Anxiety, Frustration, Construction, Build, Tool, Cone, Safety, Orange, Zone. The Construction Cone Stress Reliever is compliant with CPSIA. 2.5" Length x 3.5" Width x 2.5" Height

Fitness First Pedometer

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Large LCD display. Stylish, basic step counter pedometers. Tracks up to 99,999 steps. Energy saving auto shut-off and idle mode. Secure belt clip. Button cell battery inserted. Single button operation. The Fitness First Pedometer is compliant with CPSIA. 1.5" Long x 2.5" Wide x 1.125" High

Deluxe Cooling Towel

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• High-tech fabric instantly cools when wet with water or perspiration. • Perfect choice for charity walks, golf tournaments, or other activities. 3rd print decoration option on Tube Packaging Tube (Vinyl Insert) 8 1/4"w x 2 1/2"h. 30.75" Wide x 11.5" High

Yoga Mat And Carrying Case

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Yoga Mat Size: 24" Wide x 68" Long . Produced Of PVC. Offers Excellent Traction. Rolls Up And Fits Into Nylon Mesh Bag With Adjustable Shoulder Strap. 25" Wide x 4" High

Earthball Stress Reliever

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Stress, Reliever, Stress Toy, Squishy, Novelty, Squeeze, Tension, Anxiety, Frustration, Earth, World, Globe, Planet, Ball. The Earthball Stress Reliever is compliant with CPSIA. 2.5" Diameter

Dumbbell Stress Reliever

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Stress, Reliever, Stress Toy, Squishy, Novelty, Squeeze, Tension, Anxiety, Frustration, Dumbbell, Weights, Weightlifting, Strength, Sports, Lift, Strong. The Dumbbell Stress Reliever is compliant with CPSIA. 1.75" Diameter x 5" Height

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Made of flexible, durable, PVC free TPU - Clear window to operate phone through the pouch - Includes 30" lanyard for easy wearing. 4.5" Long x 0.5" Wide x 8.5" High

Quick-Speed Jump Rope

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Adjustable rope. Size is for black handles. 0.875" Diameter x 4.875" Height

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