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Yoga Mat And Carrying Case

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Yoga Mat Size: 24" Wide x 68" Long . Manufactured Of PVC. Offers Excellent Traction. Rolls Up And Fits Into Nylon Mesh Bag With Adjustable Shoulder Strap. 25" Wide x 4" High

Soccer Ball Stress Ball

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Soccer Ball shaped stress reliever. The Soccer Ball Stress Ball is compliant with CPSIA. 2.5" Diameter

Armband Phone Holder

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Flexible neoprene construction conforms to your arm. Adjustable strap w/hook & loop fastener attaches to bicep. Touch screen works through protective clear window. Handy key storage pocket. Fits iPhone 4, 5 8. 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6. 18" Length x 6.5" Width x 0.125" Height

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Ideal for the gym, outdoors, beach, and/or spas, this highly compact, anti-bacterial, super soft sports towel will keep you cool on those hot days. It's composed of a (material) that is fast-absorbent and long lasting, all while it being easily noticeable for your logo. Washer and Dryer safe, this towel is a must have for whenever you have a sporting corporate event or an active day. Comes in reusable, snap-closure plastic case. 31" Length x 11" Width

Bead Squeeze Gel Ball

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Clear thermal plastic rubber ball filled with colorful gel filled beads. Beads inside give a massaging feel when squeezed. Ball returns to original shape when released. The Bead Squeeze Gel Ball is compliant with FDA. 2.5" Diameter

Cube Stress Reliever

As Low As
Cube Shaped Polyurethane Stress Reliever. The Cube Stress Reliever is compliant with ASTM, CCPSA, CPSIA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2.25" Long x 2.25" Wide x 2.25" High

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Manufactured of flexible, durable, PVC free TPU - Clear window to operate phone through the pouch - Includes 30" lanyard for easy wearing. 4.5" Long x 0.5" Wide x 8.5" High

Quick-Speed Jump Rope

As Low As
Adjustable rope. Size is for black handles. 0.875" Diameter x 4.875" Height

!KEEP YOUR DRINK COLD FOR TWO DAYS with a customized Thermos vacuum bottle! Bottle is manufactured with 18/8 double wall food grade stainless steel, 17oz, is vacuum insulated to keep drinks cold and hot for hours. Unique cork design lid and base with vibrant shinny coating colors. 10" Thick x 2.5" Diameter

Pumpkin Stress Reliever

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Stress, Reliever, Stress Toy, Squishy, Novelty, Squeeze, Tension, Anxiety, Frustration, Fruit, Grocery, Market, Farm, Produce, Farmer, Pumpkin, Pie, Cake, Tart, Halloween, Seed. The Pumpkin Stress Reliever is compliant with CPSIA. 2.5" Diameter

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