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Pull flashlight from magnetic cap to activate the 3 LED lights. Carabiner allows you to clip it to a specialty product to keep it handy. Comes with two CR2032 replaceable batteries. Light is 12.9 lumens and has a distance of 21 meters. Design: U.S. Patent No. D657484. 1.25" Wide x 2.5" Long x 5/8" High

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The Mag-Lite® Solitaire® is proof-positive that good things come in small packages. Just over 3" in length, this powerful Mag-Lite® throws a beam up to 40 feet in distance. The Solitaire® has a high-intensity adjustable light beam that goes from spot to flood, and is water and shock resistant. It comes complete with a spare bulb in the tail cap, one AAA alkaline battery, a key ring lanyard and a sleek presentation gift box. The ideal unisex promotional promotional item. 3.25" Long

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Durable living hinge box contains 8 adhesive bandages, hand sanitizer packet, 2 antiseptic towelettes and first aid card. The Express Safety Kit with Digital Imprint is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 3.125" Height x 4.25" Width x 7/8" Depth

Compact Mini Sun Kit

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Contains 1 Sunscreen packet, 1 Blistex packet and 1 moist towelette. The Compact Mini Sun Kit is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 2.125" High x 3.25" Wide x 3/4" Deep

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Handy wallet sized vinyl first aid kits are convenient, compact and excellent for trade show giveaways. Contains 2 latex free bandages, wash-up towelette, 1 Sunscreen packet and Blistex packet. Kits are produced and assembled in the USA. The Beach Bud Vinyl Folder Sun Kit is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 3.125" Height x 4.25" Width

Swim-Ease Neck Tote Sun Kit

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Waterproof tote contains 1 sunscreen and 2 Blistex packets. Reusable floating container with sun essentials. Rubber gasket makes it waterproof. Breakaway cord is standard. The Swim-Ease Neck Tote Sun Kit is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 4.25" High x 1" Diameter

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Zipper tote produced with soft flexible neoprene material with 50 mm carabiner. Includes 6 latex free adhesive bandages, 5 junior bandages, 2 antiseptic towelettes, 1 extra-large bandage, 1 triple antibiotic ointment packet and a first aid card. The Neoprene Zipper Tote First Aid Kit is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 3.75" Height x 5.5" Width

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9 White LED Lights. Push Button To Turn On/Off. 3 AAA Batteries Included. 3.5" High

Earth Hot/Cold Pack

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-Earth-shaped Aqua PearlsTM bead gel therapy pack -Store in refrigerator or freezer to use as cold therapy -Soak in hot water for 5 minutes to use as hot therapy -Safety tested for CPSIA, FDA and TRA (Toxicological Risk Assessment) reports for gel beads are available upon request -Reusable, pliable and non-toxic -Complete care and instructions imprinted on marketing product. 4.375" Length x 4.375" Width x 0.75" Height

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Aluminum pocket-size LED flashlight with four replaceable button cell batteries. Metal tip push on/ off button. Sliding shaft changes beam width on an attached lanyard. 0.625" Diameter x 2.75" Height

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