Maintaining a healthy client base is essential to any successful veterinary practice, but achieving that client base requires a good marketing strategy.  Every veterinary practice needs to not only put in the effort to convince pet owners to choose their business in the first place, but also put in the effort to ensure that existing clients bring their pets in when they're in need of a check-up.  While a quick hand out or flyer can be a nice way to temporarily remind pet owners to think about their pets' health, promotional products do a much better job in the long term.

What makes promotional products so much more effective?   Several things.   To begin with, people are much more interested in products they can actually use than they are in ads, making them much more likely to pay attention right off the bat.   Promotional products are also reusable, giving them the ability to expose recipients to the logo or message printed on them indefinitely. (continued below)

Which of our products work best for promoting a veterinary practice?   Our customers have used custom printed products from pretty much every category successfully, but pet-related promotional products like promotional pet food bowls and pet collars and leashes are always highly sought after by veterinarians.   Custom printed dog treats and pet toys are also common favorites. Items like calendars and refrigerator magnets are another good way to target a broad group like pet owners, and they provide a nice, sizable printing area for longer slogans or information about specific pet health issues you might like your clients to be aware of.

In the end, any of our one million logo imprinted products can work well for a veterinarian, and it's simply a matter of thinking about what a pet owner is likely to find useful.   Whether you're looking to attract new customers or remind existing ones to check on their pets' health, you won't find a better medium for your message than a nice, custom printed promotional item.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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