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Business professionals, technology buffs or anyone who appreciates gizmos and technology tools will love these!  Cell phone stands will make it easy to use a cell phone on a desk or table or the arm of a chair.  Be hands-free in a whole other way!  With your slogan and company's logo imprinted on cell phone stands, your customized marketing information is in front of an awaiting public.  If you don't see what you want below, we have hundreds more to choose from using our simple search box to the right.

Cell Phone Stand

PopSockets® PopGrip
As low as: $4.50

The Wedge Mobile Device Stand
As low as: $6.15

SlingGrip Phone Grips w/ Custom Backer Cards Included
As low as: $2.58

2in1 Hugo Stand
As low as: $1.41

Cell Phone Tablet Media Stand
As low as: $5.59

KURV Stand™ Mobile Phone/Tablet Stand
As low as: $2.49

iBank® Home Streaming Studio with 10" Light & Tripod + Bluetooth Remote Shutter
As low as: $34.40

Execu-Buddy Card And Media Stand
As low as: $3.23

Pop-Up Phone Holder
As low as: $1.23

Tuscany™ Card Holder w/Metal Ring Phone Stand
As low as: $2.26

PClip Mobile phone holder Cell Phone Monitor Mount
As low as: $4.73

"Kickstart" Two Function Soft Silicone Cell Phone Kickstand & Wallet
As low as: $1.11

PopSockets® Swappable PopGrip
As low as: $4.50

As low as: $8.82

Pull Topper® Phone Stand
As low as: $1.80

Cell Phone Stand

Take a Stand with Promotional Cell Phone Accessories

If there's one item that every customer is guaranteed to own, it's a cell phone. Most people carry their cell phones with them wherever they go, whether they keep it in their pockets or in a purse or bag. When they get home, they'll often leave their cell phones lying out on the nearest convenient surface. However, if given nice personalized cell phone stands, most people will seize the opportunity to keep their phone in a consistent location when at home.

A normal landline phone has a very unique and distinctive look when not in use. It looks like it belongs where it's been placed. Logo imprinted cell phone stands give cell phones that same look, while showing off the logo of the business that created them. Those who use them will see the logo when placing their phone on the stand as well as when they take it off again and potentially also while simply going about their business in the room. For many people, the cell phone is their only phone, and the cell phone stand allows it truly takes the place of a landline phone.

The stands can be chosen to fit any type of phone, or to fit a particular type of phone like the iPhone. Many logo imprinted cell phone stands are combined with other useful capabilities, such as the ability to work as a USB hub or even a media player. The stands can be made in many different colors, allowing you to choose the best color to fit your company logo or to simply find one that will work with as many different cell styles as possible. It's possible to find a cell phone stand to fit any customer.
Promotional cell phone stands prevent cell phone owners from losing track of their phones, while making the phones look a bit more attractive in the process. Using them will ensure that the logo of your business will be ingrained in your customers' daily lives for a long time to come.


customized cell phone stands  

Silicone Suction Cell Phone Stands:

Silicone Cell Phone Stand

"Kickstart" Two Function Soft Silicone Cell Phone Kickstand & Wallet
As low as: $1.11

Silicone Phone Pocket With Stand
As low as: $1.29

Silicone Phone Wallet Kickstand Sleeve w/Cord Organizer
As low as: $0.77

Silicone Card Holder w/Metal Ring Phone Stand
As low as: $1.84

The Twist Legs Round Phone Stand and Grip Holder
As low as: $1.37

Tech Accessory Kit
As low as: $11.61

iWalletRing Sleeve
As low as: $2.86

Pop Stand Cell Phone Holder
As low as: $1.72

Silicone Wallet with Built-in Kickstand
As low as: $0.95

Kickstand Smart Phone Wallet & Stand
As low as: $1.11

The Slim Disk Cell Phone Stand Holder
As low as: $1.03

Silicon Stand & Smart Wallet
As low as: $1.04

Silicone Wallet Phone Stand w/3M Backing
As low as: $0.89

Auto Air Vent Magnetic Phone Wallet With Custom Box
As low as: $4.81

Silicone Smartphone Holder
As low as: $1.20

Silicone Cell Phone Stand