Photography is an extraordinarily competitive business, and every successful photographer needs a way to set themselves apart from the crowd. With the photography marketplace being what it is today, standing out in potential customers' minds is essential, and maximizing your income from the customers who do use your service is just as important. JH Studios can help you on both levels.

To start with, we carry over a million logo imprinted products you can use to get the name of your business out into the world. Our promotional key chains, calendars, and refrigerator magnets are good for promoting any business, but photography services can have especially good results from the models that allow the recipient to insert a personally chosen photo. People love being able to insert a favorite photo onto an item they see every day, and your logo will continually remind them of your services every time they look at it. Having your company logo right there when a parent realizes that their family portrait is a bit out of date can be a very effective way to get customers. (continued below)


In addition to promotional products that help you attract customers, JH Studios also carries plenty of items to help you increase the money you earn from each customer. People generally hire a professional photographer to take photos they consider important, whether it's wedding photos, graduation photos, a family portrait, or other significant photos. JH Studios has tons of promotional photo frames, photo albums, and photo frame magnets and other promotional products that are perfect for selling as extras or including as part of a photography package. We can customize our products with whatever you like, including the logo of your company or names of particular customers. If you'd like the ability to sell your customers photo albums or picture frames personalized with their names, or T-shirt or other items with their photos printed directly on them, JH Studios can help.

With more than one million promotional products, JH Studios has everything a photographer needs to draw in new customers and create a unique, personalized experience for them. If you'd like your photography business to be truly profitable, you need the edge we can give you.