Do you have a pawn shop?  Are you looking for an effective, long term method to increase the number of sales or loans handled by your shop?  Get promotional products to do it for you! While the overall awareness of pawn shops has been increasing lately, many people are still fairly unaware of what pawn shops have to offer them, and sometimes all it takes is a promotional tote bag or stress reliever to get the message out there.  JH Studios has collected over a million fantastic customizable promotional items here on our website, so whether your pawn shop has a particular specialty or is more generally focused, you'll still be able to find the perfect promotional items to advertise it.

The best promotional product for a particular pawn shop typically depends on the types of items found in the shop.  Items like promotional calendars, tote bags, or notepads are very good for targeting the public generally, and they can work well for pawn shops of nearly any stripe.  Pawn shops that specialize in particular types of products can benefit from choosing promotional items in the same basic area.  For instance, pawn shops that specialize in coins have good success with items like promotional coin holders or piggy banks, while pawn shops that specialize in musical instruments do better with items like promotional guitar picks or promotional stress relievers shaped like guitars, pianos, or musical notes.  There's something for nearly every specialty, and any item can be customized to fit a particular specialty with the right design.   (continued below)

Promotional products can be a great way to encourage customers to stop in to see your products or learn about the loans you give.  Items like promotional tote bags go even further, telling an untold number of people about your pawn shop every time the recipient takes it out in public.

There are countless people in the world today who would potentially be interested in either getting a loan from a pawn shop or buying products from one, but who are simply too unfamiliar with pawn shops to think of going to one.  If you'd like to ensure that everyone in your area knows exactly what your pawn shop can do for them, you'll find all the amazing products you need to get that message across right here at JHStudios.com.

Article by John Holland

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