Get the name of your oil change shop out there using promotional products!  Promotional products like car air fresheners can not only alert potential customers to the service you provide, but can also turn a one-time customer into someone who returns to your shop every time their car needs an oil change.  JH Studios' promotional product selection contains well over one million distinct items we can imprint with your unique, custom logo, including a whole slew of car-related promotional products perfect for targeting drivers.

Our collection of automotive promotional products is very extensive, and in addition to promotional car air fresheners, you'll also encounter everything from promotional ice scrapers and sun shades to tire gauges and automotive emergency kits.  We also carry a large assortment of car cell phone chargers and adapters to allow people to charge mobile devices on the go.  For those in need of promotional products for an employee uniform, we have a whole slew of promotional apparel and accessories like shirts, name badges, as well as logo imprinted auto tools and safety items like promotional work gloves, safety goggles, and auto tools.   (continued below)

It's very easy to work promotional items into the regular routine of an oil change shop.  For example, many oil change businesses give a basic promotional car air fresheners to every customer who comes in.  It's very easy to slip the air fresheners into position before returning the car, ensuring both that the car returns smelling great and that your customers have something to remind of the actual name of the business who changed their oil after they've left.  Items like sunshades have the same effect, while also having an additional chance to advertise your business to even more potential customers every time they're used.

Promotional products can not only draw in countless new customers for a single oil change, but can also encourage customers to choose your company for every future oil change as well.  Whether you're seeking promotional automotive products, promotional apparel, or another item to catch people's attention, JH Studios is certain to have the selection your business needs.

Article by Mirtha Holland

Oil Change Promotional Products