Nail Salon Promotional Ideas

Make your nail salon the number one place to get a manicure with our promotional items!  A good marketing strategy not only draws in new customers to try out your nail salon, but also encourages those customers to return every time they need their nails done in the future.  A simple promotional nail file is the business card of the nail salon world, and items like promotional lotion or hand sanitizer are worth more than months of standard advertisements.  JH Studios has collected upwards of 1,000,000 terrific promotional products that your nail salon can have custom printed with your logo, including a wide selection of promotional beauty supplies, clothing items, and accessories.

Promotional nail files are the most popular promotional product for nail salons, and JH Studios has a huge variety of styles to choose from, including everything from simple 1-color versions all the way up to nail files with high quality, full-color printing options.  We also have an extensive supply of promotional beauty products, including  lotions and manicure kits.  Our promotional apparel section has a whole selection of promotional shirts, aprons and other items commonly worn by nail salon employees, as well as accessories like hats and lanyards.

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Different nail salon promotional products are most effective in different situations.  Promotional nail files are ideal for any situation targeting potential customers, and they're also an extremely good item to give to actual customers to encourage them to choose your salon again the next time they decide to have their nails done.  Items like promotional lotion or nail polish are ideal for beauty expos or trade shows.

Setting your nail salon apart from all the rest doesn't have to be difficult, and even a few promotional items can make all the difference.  Whether you're on the lookout for promotional
nail files, promotional beauty products, or another type of promotional product altogether, JH Studios is far and away the best place to get them.

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