Are you the owner or operator of a hobby store?  Would you like to see people willingly advertising for you, and potentially increase profits at the same time?  Promotional products can make it happen!  Promotional items can expose countless people to your store logo every time the item is used, and even simple items like logo imprinted bulk sewing kits or tote bags can earn money for the store itself.  JH Studios maintains a stock of well over one million products for you to customize however you choose, so no matter what items you'd like to see in your store, you're sure to encounter plenty of fantastic possible options here at JHStudios.com.

JH Studios carries tons of items ideal for appealing to hobbyists here among our promotional product selection, including many items that people invariably expect to see stocked in a hobby store.  We carry a variety of promotional hobby tools like scissors, rulers, drafting instruments, pencils, and pencil sharpeners. 

We also have a good number of custom printed bulk desk organizers and pencil holders that often appeal to hobbyists, as well as a number of backpacks and bags that people often find convenient for storing large amounts of supplies.  Promotional apparel can also often appeal to customers, and a sweatshirt, wristbands, or embroidered wholesale baseball caps that declares a love of crafting or other hobbies along with your logo is likely to appeal to a good number of customers.  (continued below)

The best thing about using promotional products to promote a hobby store is that most products can simply be integrated into the regular products you sell, earning money for your business while also adding to the amount of promotion you receive.  However, many hobby stores also use promotional products as part of customer rewards programs.  Customers love receiving a free baseball cap or sweatshirt, and regular customers are very likely to wear them, giving you an extra promotional boost.

You won't find an easier or more profitable way to promote a hobby store than promotional products.  Whatever your particular focus happens to be, you'll find plenty of terrific hobby promotional items to fit it right here at JH Studios.

Article by Mirtha Holland

Hobby Store Promotional Products