There are all sorts of different people who find themselves seeking firearm instruction, but one thing they all have in common is the desire to learn from instructors who know what they're doing.  How can you convince potential students that your gun training school is the place to go for proper instruction?  Promotional items are your best bet.  Promotional products give any organization an extra air of professionalism, and continued exposure to your school name on logo imprinted baseball caps, notepads, or other items will increase both potential students' familiarity with your school and their level of trust in you as an institution. 

Whether you're looking for promotional products to be used by your instructors, your students, or potential students out in the world, JH Studios has more than a million incredible options that will make your school the number one thing on people's minds when they think about firearm instruction.

Our promotional product collection features items from every category you can think of.  We stock just about every type of promotional apparel you could imagine, including promotional sweatshirts, sweatpants, and windbreakers, among many others.  We also carry promotional accessories like lanyards, hats, and backpacks.  Practical, everyday items are often a good choice, and we can put your logo on everything from water bottles and travel mugs and flashlights.

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Gun training schools can get a great deal of exposure from promotional products, and it can be done many different ways.  Having instructors wear promotional apparel is a good place to start, and providing a promotional gift to everyone who participates in a particular training program can be both a great incentive as well as a marketing boost.

Every time someone sees a promotional product bearing your logo, they'll become that much more familiar with your school as a trusted source of firearm instruction.  Whatever products you'd like to use to promote your gun training school, you should have no trouble tracking down the just the right thing here at JH Studios.

Article by John Holland

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