Do you currently own or represent a golf course or country club?  Are you looking for effective ways to increase the membership or income of your organization?  Promotional items are the secret weapon you've been searching for.  JH Studios can put more than one million logo imprinted products at your disposal, including an incredible range of golf course and country club favorites like promotional divot tools, promotional polo shirts, vanity bags and many, many others.

It's only natural that recreational promotional products are as popular with country clubs as they are, particularly golf promotional products.  You'll find an extensive range of different golf-related promotional items here at JHStudios.com, including golf balls, tees, golf bags and ball markers in addition to a fantastic diversity of divot tools.  You'll also spot a good variety of items like golf towels and golf bags cooling carves and we even carry a fair number of golf clubs as well.  Promotional apparel is also highly popular with both clubs and their members, and you'll encounter everything from clothing items like shirts and jackets to accessories like hats.  We also carry a range of promotional candy, chocolates of all kinds, and mints.     (continued below)

Country clubs and golf courses have the fortune of being able to use promotional products both for marketing and for creating extra income.  Small tokens like promotional mints or ball markers are a good way make potential members feel welcome, while items like golf bags or promotional apparel tend to sell well to members.  Every logo imprinted item sold or given away gives the club a marketing boost, as well as increasing members' sense of belonging.

Promotional items are an essential part of running a golf course or country club. Whether you're in the market for promotional golf supplies, promotional clothing, or another type of promotional product altogether, you'll find everything you desire here at JH Studios.

Article by Mirtha Holland

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