Marketing movies is more important than ever before, and any truly successful campaign needs to target movie-goers from all angles.  How?  With promotional products.  More and more film studios are making the decision to use promotional items to keep the public thinking and talking about their movies.  Audiences love to receive promotional giveaways like sunglasses, baseball caps, or flying discs with the purchase of a ticket, and they'll give the movie tons of free promotion every time they use the item.  Serious movie fans are often willing to pay for similar items for their favorite movies.  No matter what type of movie you're looking to promote, you'll come across exactly the products you need to do it here among JH Studios' selection of more than a million custom printed products.

Promotional clothing and accessories are always some of the biggest hits with movie fans.  JH Studios can put your artwork on whatever type of clothing you need, including sweatshirts, hats, visors, and many, many others.  We can also have a sizable supply of promotional key chains, pens, and other small giveaway items, as well as larger items like tote bags, ice buckets, and stadium cups.

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Film promotional products are effective for targeting any group of people. Low cost items are perfect for large scale audience giveaways, while other items can be a good way to target reviewers and other people with influence over the movie-going public.  Even small giveaways can serve to draw a good deal of attention to a movie, and they can help to keep the movie on people's minds well after it's over.

If you'd like your movies to keep filling seats, you're going to need the right promotional products to market them.  Luckily, we've gathered together everything you'll need for your campaign right here at JHStudios.com.

Article by John Holland

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