Making a friendly, yet professional impression is more important for a daycare service than nearly any other type of business in service today.  People looking at a daycare or baby care service are considering first and foremost whether they can trust the people there to properly care for their children, and any marketing efforts need to convince these parents that their children will be safe, happy, and well cared for.  JH Studios has more than one million products that you can use to make just that impression, including a fantastic variety of children's products like promotional coloring books, logo imprinted crayons and highlighters, sand pails and custom printed stuffed animals.

There are all sorts of great custom printed products that child care services use to show parents that they and their children are truly welcome.  Items like coloring books or small promotional games or toys can work well for children old enough to be engaged in activities, while items like teddy bears or other plush animals can work well for all ages.  If your service takes younger children or even infants, items like baby bibs, bottles  and other similar items are ideal for reaching out to new or soon-to-be parents seeking baby care.  With children being as messy as they are, many parents also appreciate items like promotional hand sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer (continued below)

Giving promotional products to parents who come for an initial visit makes an excellent first impression, and it's a very good way to build a connection to both the parents and the child.  Even if they aren't quite decided on your service when they leave, the item you gave them will serve to keep your day care prominent in their minds as they consider their options.

JH Studios has an incredible assortment of child care and child-oriented promotional products here on our site, and they can all be imprinted with the logo of your daycare service.  You won't find a more effective way to connect with the families that need your service.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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