Give your culinary school a unique look and feel with promotional products! Culinary schools have long used promotional products both in the classroom and in promotional campaigns, and they remain one of the most effective ways to make a strong, memorable impression on prospective students. JH Studios has an amazing number of promotional kitchen and cooking products here amidst our collection of over one million unique custom printed products, including everything from cutting boards and spoon rests to actual appliances.

Our selection includes nearly every item used in the kitchen. In addition to different types of cutting boards, we also carry promotional knives and related items and knife blocks, strainers, and measuring cups and spoons, among other items. We also carry a significant number of custom printed appliances, such as mixers, blenders, and food processors, as well as kitchen storage items like boxes and food containers. Our promotional clothing selection also includes all the items needed for the kitchen, including promotional aprons, chef's coats, and hats, as well as items that students are often interested in outside of the kitchen, like hoodies and jackets(continued below)

Promotional products have a huge impact on how current and prospective students view a culinary school, and they have a powerful effect both inside and outside the school itself. Ensuring that the kitchen supplies used with the school are imprinted with the school logo gives a strong impression of professionalism and competence, and it increases prospective students' confidence in the school's ability to teach them what they need to learn. Items like logo imprinted aprons and chef's coats provide a sense of order in the kitchen, while also building students' sense of connection to the school.

Nearly any kitchen or cooking product can be imprinted with the logo of your school, and it isn't difficult to do. If you'd like to build or maintain the reputation of your culinary school, JH Studios has over one million fantastic custom products capable of doing it for you.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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