Wondering how to make prospective students aware of your cosmetology school?  Promotional items could be your exactly what you need.  Increasing familiarity with the name of your school is one of the most important steps to drawing in students, and promotional products are easily the best way to do it.  With the logo of your school on items like custom printed brushes, combs, or bags, you can have countless students, staff, and even prospective students promoting your school for you.  JH Studios has a extensive selection of custom printed beauty products here in our selection of over one million customizable products, so you'll find plenty of incredible products you can use to represent your school.

Just about any type of beauty product can be imprinted with your school logo, whether it's used for makeup, hair, or other cosmetic purposes.  JH Studios has a whole assortment of logo imprinted combs, hairbrushes, as well as consumable promotional hair products like shampoo and conditioner.  We carry a whole slew of makeup products like makeup brushes, mirrors, and even make up kits, as well as nail care products like nail files and nail kits.  Logo imprinted make up bags are one of the most versatile options we have, since they can be used to store any combination of tools and products.  (continued below)

Cosmetology schools use logo imprinted products for a variety of different promotional purposes.  Many use simple, low cost products like nail files or makeup compacts as giveaways at trade shows or other events, particularly those where there are prospective students in attendance.  Many schools also find it practical to create standardized kits for students to buy when they begin a particular program or class, using logo imprinted make up bags to create a standard look.  Logo imprinted aprons and other practical promotional clothing items are also popular.

Promotional products are a quick, effective way to give any cosmetology school the professional image it needs.  Whether you're looking for something for incoming students, prospective students, or someone else entirely, you're sure to find just the right products here at JHStudios.com.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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