Every coffee shop is in constant competition for customers, and having a memorable, well-advertised brand is essential to making them choose your shop over all the rest.  If you aren't using items like promotional coffee cup sleeves, lids, or travel mugs to advertise your coffee shop, you're missing out on one of the easiest, most effective ways to integrate this kind of promotion into the everyday routine of your business.  JH Studios has more than one million fantastic custom printed products that you can customize with your coffee shop's unique logo, including any of the products you already need for serving customers.

Nearly every product used at a coffee shop can be customized with your logo. Besides logo imprinted coffee cups and related items, we can also supply you with promotional napkins, sugar packets, and other service items custom printed with your design. We have a wide selection of logo imprinted water bottles and tumblers in addition to our travel mugs, as well as items like baseball caps, tote bags and other accessories.  Any type of item we carry can be customized with your logo, so if your coffee shop has a particular theme, you'll probably also find a fair number of items relating to your theme among our promotional product selection. (continued below)

Coffee shops usually have a very easy time integrating our promotional products into their normal business.  Items like coffee cup sleeves and lids are already necessary for serving customers, and changing in logo imprinted versions of these items creates an instant branding boost without any extra effort for employees.  Items like reusable travel mugs and tote bags are very commonly sold in coffee shops, and they're likely to be used frequently by coffee shop customers.

With the right promotional products, any coffee shop can instantly increase its brand exposure without even disrupting the normal routine of the shop.  If you'd like to see your coffee shop's products imprinted with your unique logo, JH Studios is just the company for the job.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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