A Chamber of Commerce has an important duty to its business community, and promotional efforts are often as important to the members of the Chamber of Commerce as they are to the organization itself.  Local chambers of commerce use promotional products in all sorts of different programs and activities, raising awareness of everything from important issues in the local business community to the actual businesses themselves.  JH Studios can provide your Chamber of Commerce with any of the products you need to promote or operate your organization, including everything from traditional standbys like promotional calendars and pens to more modern choices like promotional styluses and USB drives.

JH Studios carries more than a full million custom products that can be imprinted with the logo or logos of your choosing.  Many chambers of commerce make heavy use of items imprinted with the logo of the organization itself, while others also commonly use items like promotional tote bags or banners imprinted with the logos of various sponsors or member organizations.  No matter which particular strategy your Chamber of Commerce uses, we can customize your items with your particular design.  If your Chamber of Commerce hold events for local business owners or the community, you can also create custom items with the name or slogan of the event as well.  (continued below)

Promotional products are a powerful way to raise awareness in general, but they're especially effective for businesses and organizations targeting a specific local area with a campaign, making them an ideal tool for chambers of commerce.  Every promotional product given to a local business owner or resident not only strengthens the organization's ties to that particular individual, but also has the potential to be seen by other members of the community every time the recipient uses it.

If you're looking for a powerful way to raise awareness about your organization or the businesses you serve, promotional products are just the tool you need.  You won't find a better source of affordable, quality promotional items than JHStudios.com.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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