There's fierce competition among cell phone carriers today, and any company looking to find and keep a steady base of cell phone users needs the right marketing to stay one step ahead of its competitors.  Luckily, cell phone carriers actually have some of the best promotional options available, including a whole slew of logo imprinted promotional products specifically relating to cell phones like our cell phone stands or cell phone cradle stress relievers.  Any company looking to appeal to the average cell phone user has everything from logo imprinted cell phone cleaning cloths and styluses all the way to promotional adapters and charger stands at its disposal.  Nearly every possible cell phone function or feature has a promotional product to go with it, and JH Studios can put the name of your company on any of them.

Cell phone carriers use our promotional products in tons of different ways, but one of the most effective uses for them is as incentives for potential customers.  Giving new customers items like microfiber cleaning cloths or styluses will make them more enthusiastic to sign up for new plans, particularly if they get more than one item in the process. For plans that provide an actual cell phone to the new customer, logo imprinted cell phone cases are an ideal additional gift that will help to preserve the connection of the phone specifically to your company.  Nearly everyone is frustrated by limited charging options, so promotional adapters, chargers, and power banks are also very popular with those who use their phones frequently.  (continued below)

The incentive effect of promotional products is very important to attracting potential new users, but the long-term promotional benefits of giving promotional products to customers are also very useful.  Those who receive your promotional items are very likely to use them with their cell phones regularly, leading to added exposure for your company logo.  The more often people see your company name connected with a cell phone, the stronger your brand as a cell phone carrier will be.

JH Studios has no shortage of incredible cell phone promotional products here among our greater than a million different types of logo imprinted items.  If there's an item you'd like to use to appeal to cell phone users, we can provide you with just the custom version you need.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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