Memorable branding is the key to attracting customers to a car rental service, and it's often a significant factor in how many of them return to a particular service in the future as well.  Any car rental service hoping to be known as an established, trustworthy company uses a significant number of promotional products to brand both their cars and the car rental experience, including logo imprinted license plate frames for the outside of the cars, custom air fresheners for inside the cars, and promotional key chains for the keys.  However, car rental services looking to make a truly strong impression don't stop there.

In addition to basic items like keychains and plate frames, JH Studios has a collection of well over 1 million custom items that car rental services can use to make a memorable impression on both the customers who use the service as well as the public in general. Including essential items like a logo imprinted road emergency kit, sunshade, or ice scraper in the glove box is a great way to show customers that your company makes an effort to anticipate customers' needs, while also giving them the repeated exposure to your logo that is essential to making a lasting impression in the minds.  (continued below)

Promotional gifts are a great way to end the car rental experience for customers.  Giving customers who have just returned their cars an item like a car-shaped stress reliever or a notepad not only sends them home on a positive note, but also ensures that they'll keep being reminded of your car rental company for months or even years afterward.  This makes them both more likely to recommend your car rental company to others as well as more likely to remember and choose your company again the next time they need to rent a car.

Using promotional products to properly branding your car rental company can have a huge effect on the number of new and returning customers who use your service.  With more than 1 million fantastic products to choose from, JH Studios can help you ensure that you're never overlooked by a potential renter again.   You might also want to consider our back scratchers or even notepads or use our advanced search if you need to look for something specific.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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