If there's one thing that's absolutely essential to the success of any brewery, it's proper marketing.  You can't count on your distributor to promote your brand over other brands, and if you'd like to build a base of loyal customers, you're going to need to find them and let them know about you.  Promotional products are one of the best ways to drum up this kind of interest in your products and your company, and JH Studios has more than 1 million possible products you can use to set your brewery apart from all the rest.

Items used by beer drinkers are always an effective way of promoting a brewery, and you'll find no shortage of beer and drinking related items here at JH Studios.  Ice buckets and beer buckets are a perennial favorite with breweries, and they're a great way to get the name of your brewery featured at parties and events.  Since a single bucket can serve several people, it doesn't take very many promotional buckets to get your logo or advertisement seen by a large group of people.  Our promotional ice buckets and beer buckets are available in a very wide range of printing options, up to and including full-color versions.  (continued below)

We also carry a good number of items ideal for targeting individual beer drinkers.  Promotional shot glasses are perfect for giving free samples or taste tests, and giving them to participants as a souvenir is a great way to ensure that they remember the name of your brand.  Those who like to drink beer outside of a bar are huge fans of our promotional key chain bottle openers, making it easy to convince them to bring your logo with them wherever they go.

Putting in the effort to market your brand and your products is absolutely essential for running a successful, profitable brewery, and promotional items are an essential part of that process.  No matter which item you'd like to see imprinted with the logo of your brewery, JH Studios can provide you with it.

Article by John Holland


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