For barber shops, reminding customers come back for another haircut is often just as important as getting them in the shop in the first place.  Customers shouldn't visit once and then never come back; ideally, customers will return again and again whenever their hair starts to get a bit too long.  Promotional items are the best way to acquire and then help to develop an ongoing relationship these essential repeat customers.

Among our more than 1 million promotional products, JH Studios has a whole assortment of items that are perfect for a barber shop.  Promotional combs are by far the most popular of our hair-related promotional products, with most successful barber shops using promotional combs in some form.  Many barbershops simply take out a new comb with each customer, cut their hair, and allow them to take the comb with them when they leave.  This not only makes it clear that the hygienic standards of the barbershop are very high, but leaves each customer with an item that they'll see every time they style their hair.  When their hair gets long enough to need another cut, the comb will be there to remind them of where they got their hair cut last time.  (continued below)

Promotional combs aren't the only item we carry for barber shops, however, and you'll find plenty of other hair products here on our website.  This includes reusable products like promotional hairbrushes, as well as consumable products like promotional shampoo and conditioner.   If you would like to have a line of hair products branded to your barber shop, you'll find it very easy to do using our website.

Items relating to hair care are one of the best ways to promote a barber shop, but any of our products can be used effectively with the right design or slogan printed on them. No matter what item your customers are most likely to be interested in, you'll find a customizable version here at JHStudios.com.

Article by John Holland


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