Every business needs to make a good impression on potential clients to succeed, but nowhere is that more true than for assisted living and retirement homes.  No one is going to choose a home for themselves or a loved one if they don't feel right about the place. Promotional products are a great way to show your goodwill to potential customers, putting your marketing efforts in a form that they'll see as friendly and non-intrusive.

JH Studios has more than one million different products here in our custom printed item collection for those considering living in an assisted living or retirement home.  We have items you can use both for attracting potential customers as well as improving internal branding.  Retirement homes and assisted living facilities often have good results with promotional gifts that are commonly used by the elderly in assisted care in their daily lives like combs, brushes, mirrors, shampoos, conditioners.  Then there are items that make performing physical tasks easier like back scratchers, massagers, magnifiers and shoe horns.  Items that assist with taking medication like pill boxes, pill cutters, pill dispensers and pill organizers are other good choices.   (continued below)

Many of our items are also good for increasing your branding within your facility. In addition to basic things like pill boxes or office supplies, we can also supply you with things like custom uniforms for your workers.  JH Studios has a sizable collection of promotional clothing, including the shirts, hats, and scrubs favored by many facilities. A good, professional-looking uniform will not only make residents more comfortable living in your facility, but also make a better impression on potential customers who come for a visit.  Those who come simply to visit a friend may eventually need the type of services your company provides, and it's important that they have positive, professional associations with your facility.

JH Studios can provide you with any of the custom items you need to promote your assisted living facility or retirement home, both inside and outside your organization.  We're the best place online for custom printed items.

Article by Mirtha Holland


Assisted Living Promotional Items