Out of all the marketing and income generating methods available to aquariums, you won't find one more effective than good, solid promotional products. Promotional souvenirs are not only one of the best ways to get visitors willingly giving their money to the aquarium, but also one of the best ways to remind them about how much fun their visit was even long after it's over. Nearly any promotional product can make a great aquarium souvenir, and JH Studios has more than one million promotional souvenirs, clothing items, and other products that you can make over for your aquarium gift shop.

Which items are best for an aquarium? Promotional clothing is one of the best choices, being very popular with aquarium guests. T-shirts, hats, and other types of everyday apparel are great for customizing with artwork relating to the aquarium, whether with beautiful photographic images of aquatic plant and animal life or with artistic designs. Tote bags, fanny packs, and other accessories also make great souvenirs. The association with water makes water-related apparel and accessories even more popular with visitors, and you'll encounter a fair number of items like swimwear and goggles here among our selection of custom printed apparel.
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JH Studios also has plenty of non-apparel items that you can customize for your gift shop or for a promotional campaign. We have a sizable number of items that can be customized with a fish or other animal shape in addition to the custom printing, and you'll also find a good number of promotional stuffed animals shaped like fish or other sea creatures. JH Studios can also create any of the souvenirs or trinkets normally found in gift shops, like promotional key chains, necklaces, snow globes, or bobble heads.

Filling your gift shop with items truly unique to your aquarium will not only give customers what they want, but generate plenty of income for your organization at the same time. No matter what you'd most like to see customized for your institution, you're sure to spot plenty of great options here among JH Studios' product selection.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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