Do you handle marketing for an amusement park? Are you looking for a greater diversity of promotional items for your gift shop, game booths, or marketing campaigns? JH Studios has the variety you need. With a selection of more than 1 million fully customizable items, JH Studios.com can be your one-stop shop for uniforms, souvenirs, giveaways, and much more.

Which of our custom printed items are most popular with amusement parks? You can find items from almost every category in amusement park gift shops, but promotional apparel and promotional souvenirs are two of the most popular types we carry. Promotional key chains, snow globes, bobble heads, and similar items are always favorites with amusement park visitors, and promotional stuffed animals of various sizes are also highly sought after as giveaways or prizes for amusement park games. Items like candy, balloons, and other novelty items go over equally well in the gift shop and at the game booth.  (continued below)

Promotional apparel can be used multiple ways, and most amusement parks don't limit themselves to just one. Promotional T-shirts, sweatshirts, and baseball caps are consistent sellers in gift shops, while promotional vests, aprons, and button-down shirts are very widely used as employee uniforms in many parks. Promotional umbrellas and rain ponchos can earn a great deal of money on rainy days, while also making visitors likely to stay in the park a bit longer than they might have otherwise. Practical items that visitors may have forgotten to bring are also a very good source of income, and you'll find plenty of promotional tote bags, backpacks, and water bottles here as well.

Promotional products provide a double service for amusement parks, by not only giving guests something to remind them of the fun they had, but also pulling in a significant amount of income for the park as a whole. No matter what your amusement park happens to be themed around, JH Studios can supply you with any of the products you need to make every guest's visit one they'll remember.

Article by Mirtha Holland


Amusement Park Marketing Items