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Custom Microfiber Screen Cleaner
for iPads, Tablets, Netbooks, and Laptops

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Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaner

Your Promotional Dollars Are Well Spent with This Popular Product

Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaners conveniently display your company's advertising promotional information when adhered to iPads, tablets, Kindles or Nooks.

A product that won't get used once, carried home and then discarded, or get left at the bottom of a bag somewhere after a trade show, Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaners are a functional product for everyday use that will get used over and over again.

Your company's promotional marketing messages will be seen often with our Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaners- imprinted with your logo, artwork and company branding.

Your customers and potential customers will love them and at the same time they will be transmitting your promotional advertising message while in use and when not in use- strategically positioned on the non-screen areas of Kindles, Nooks, iPad, tablets or other tablet-like products.

So, what do they do and how do you use them?

Removing dust and grime from tablets, iPads, Nooks or a Kindle screen is simple with a Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaner. The printed side of the Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaner cleans the screen quickly and efficiently.

To clean the screen, put the Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaner face down on the LCD screen after peeling it from the digital device. Using a finger, apply a bit of pressure to the Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaner on the LCD screen's surface. With a few quick wipes, the Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaner easily maneuvers across the screen, removing dust, grime and fingerprints. Then you can stick the Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaner, gel-backing side down, back onto the non-screen surface of the newly cleaned device until it is ready to use again. The gel-backing will not leave any residue on the device. The soft microfiber material is effective and can be safely used the screen.

You will appreciate the Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaner's large customizable area. Your company's information will strategically be displayed on a product that will be both seen and used regularly. When you get on board with the Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaner as your choice for a promotion product, you are sure to reap the benefits, keeping your brand's strategic information in front of your potential customers for a long time. The Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaners are like a pedestal for your brand when placed on the device.

With the Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaner's easy use-being attached to tablets, iPads, Kindles and Nooks and going everywhere, you have found a promotional item that is practical for use, yet is attention-grabbing and animated, readily visible to your potential customers or existing clients.

Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaners accommodate most promotional marketing budgets. You will be pleased to have Tablet DigiPad Screen Cleaners working for you promoting your company brand to your public.

    Review of Features
  • Your logo and company information imprinted for your public.
  • With just a few swipes, fingerprints and grime disappear.
  • DigiPad Screen Cleaner material will not harm surfaces.
  • Self-Adhesive is made for repeated use; it lasts a long time.
  • Can be cleaned as needed with a little water and soap and left to air-dry.
  • Wipe off white gel side with a damp cloth to revive stickiness.
Please contact us if you need a custom card size, or would like full color front and back, thicker card stock, or other special custom order.

NOTE: The above sale prices are 6% off list price and do not include setup fees or other additional options. Any coupons, if applicable, will be applied to list price, not sale price.
Production Time is 10 working days.
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Artwork for DigiPads
 Artwork Design:   
 How Many Colors in your art?   
Standard or Custom Card Backer
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We accept international orders.
These larger DigiPad Screen Cleaners come on default 3" x 5" card backers individually packaged in cellophane bags. You can customize the card backers with your own artwork or have us design it for you. Cards are printed full color on the front and black and white on the back.

Pricing for the custom card backers are as follows:

Card Backer Pricing (Custom Design)
 Price Each:$0.45$0.35$0.25$0.22$0.18
NOTE:Pricing above does not include setup or artwork design charges.
Custom Card Setup: $80 Run Charge for Back is an additional 5 each.
Design Service: $65 per side.