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Custom DigiStand Screen Cleaner
with Technology for Cell Phones

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DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stands for Mobile Phones

Smartphone Screen Cleaners Smartphone Stands

Your budget for promotional advertising will be pleasantly pleased by the innovative DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stands for Mobile Phones which not only capitalize on the spacious promotional advertising imprint area, but also is a functional mobile phone hand-free stand and cleaning tool that will practically be seen everywhere.

We're not kidding!

This innovative product will maximize your promotional dollars, claiming more sales territory per penny spent and help to spread word about your brand to the surrounding landscape.

We've got nothing but accolades about our DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stands for Mobile Phones from satisfied customers.

The DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stands for Mobile Phones remove smudges and dirt from the LCD screens of iPhones, Androids and other cell phones. They also act as a novel hands-free stand for mobile phones.

DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stands for Mobile Phones-they really do stand out.

Curious onlookers will become potential customers as they want to know what all the fuss is about as they see the DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stands for Mobile Phones in use. When being used as an LCD screen cleaner or handy stand, the Large DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stands for Mobile Phones can elicit questions like, “What's that you're using?” and “Where'd you get that?” Your imprinted promotional marketing information is readily on parade while being used or mounted on the phone!

Use Overview and Additional Information

Along with the DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stands for Mobile Phones quickly cleaning LCD screens with just a few simple wipes, it also functions as a stand for iPhones and other smartphones.

When accessing media or when the speaker phone is needed, this hands-free function is ideal- the phone is conveniently propped up during use.

First, adhere the DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stands for Mobile Phones on a flat and smooth surface using the sticky gel backer. Then lift the built in customized flaps of the DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stand inserting the mobile phone into the waiting flaps. This will work great when using the phone as a GPS by attaching the device to the dashboard, then inserting the phone.

When finished, the DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stands for Mobile Phones is then mounted on your cell phone awaiting its next use by the same gel-back used in the stand mode.

But it doesn't just sit there. It constantly broadcasts your promotional advertising message wherever it goes. Your company information and logo is there displayed for all to see.

Cleaning Your Cell Phone Screen

Use the Large DigiStand Screen Cleaner with the customized side facing down on the screen. Rub lightly with your fingertip; this will remove dirt and fingerprints. When finished, place the printed side of the DigiStand Screen Cleaner face up on the cell phone.

The adhesive gel-back of the DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stands for Mobile Phones is long-lasting. It can be refreshed by wiping with a wet cloth and is good for multiple applications to the cell phone. The microfiber material is designed to not scratch the surface of LCD screens.

Again, since the DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stand for Mobile Phones is good for use over and over again. It takes your company information out there, everywhere its user goes.

    Features of the DigiStand Screen Cleaner
  • Your custom company information conveniently displayed.
  • A trendy stand for digital phones.
  • Surfaces are unharmed by microfiber cleaning material.
  • Gel-backed self-adhesive lasts for repeated, long-term use.
  • DigiStand Screen Cleaner washes with soap and water when needed.
  • To bring back stickiness, wipe off adhesive side with a damp towel.
Plese ask us if you need a custom card size, a full color design on the back, thicker card stock, or other custom order.

NOTE: The above sale prices are 6% off list price and do not include setup fees or other additional options. Any coupons, if applicable, will be applied to list price, not sale price.
Production Time is 10 working days.
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Artwork for DigiStands
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Card Backer Options:

The Smartphone DigiStand Screen Cleaner Stands are attractively packaged and adhered to a standard 3&#quot; wide x 5&#quot; tall backer card. They come in a fitted clear plastic bag.

The card can be customized to your liking, printed with your company information and logo. Provide your own artwork, or we can create the customized artwork.

Full Color Front-- Grayscale/Back

Customized Card Information to follow:

Card Backer Pricing (Custom Design)
 Price Each:$0.45$0.35$0.25$0.22$0.18
NOTE:Pricing above does not include setup or artwork design charges.
Custom Card Setup: $80 Run Charge for Back is an additional 5¢ each.
Design Service: $65 per side.