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Leather Mouse Pads

Imprinted or Embossed with Your Design!

100% leather mouse pads


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This mousepad is perfect companion for that executive desk or leather laptop bag or briefcase. Makes a fantastic gift for executives, attorneys, clients, or anyone that enjoys the luxury of leather.

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real leather mousepads
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The prices on this page are subject to change without notice. Description and decoration method information is provided by our suppliers. We, at JH Studios, Inc., do our best to keep our product information and pricing up to date, however, should you find an error please let us know by submitting it to our contact form. Please feel free to call and verify current pricing before placing your order. Thank you.

Nothing can beat a good promotional specialty product when it comes to getting people thinking about your business, and along with marketing tools in the category a great example of a good promotional specialty product would be our . The comes in , and you can make it truly unique with the simple addition of your logo, company name, or contact information. On the other hand, if you have the need for them to be blank, call us at 1-877-893-1741 and we can provide you with as many of them as you need. More Info:

Leather Mouse Pads

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Leather Mouse Pad

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Leather Mouse Pad