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Thanksgiving Promotional Products

Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts and Decorations

Hundreds of custom printed Thanksgiving promotional products, greeting cards & decorations available.  If you don't find what you're looking for, please use the search box to your right. 
Thanksgiving Greeting Cards:

Thanksgiving Cards

Credit Card Magnifier/Bookmark
As low as: $0.11

Awareness Ribbon Silicone Card Holder
As low as: $0.68

Double Layer Silicone Phone Wallet Pocket
As low as: $0.57

Cross Shaped - Washington Metal Adhesive Cell Phone Ring Grip holder and Stand
As low as: $0.93

Thanksgiving Mini Seed Paper Shape Gift Pack
As low as: $0.61

Antimagnetic Mini Aluminum Credit Card Case
As low as: $0.87

Seed Paper Shape Thanksgiving Greeting Card
As low as: $1.25

RFID Credit Card Blocker Sleeves
As low as: $0.33

Holiday Greeting Cards w/Imprinted Envelopes
As low as: $0.72

3D Pop up Card
As low as: $0.66

Birthday Greeting Cards w/Imprinted Envelopes
As low as: $0.72

Personalized Business Greetings (Anniversary,
As low as: $1.31

Autumn Mill
As low as: $1.54

Double Layer Silicone Phone Wallet Pocket
As low as: $0.37

Full Color Holiday Cards; Custom
As low as: $1.19

Thanksgiving Cards

Personalized Products & Gifts to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a perfect holiday for promotional items. Whether you're a business looking to reach out to customers or clients or just someone looking for personalized items to make your family celebration more special, there are countless promotional products that can be customized for this purpose. Just about any promotional item can be given a Thanksgiving theme with a customized message, but there are some Thanksgiving promotional items that work especially well for this.

The first are traditional greeting cards or postcards. It's easy to come up with a customized card wishing people a happy Thanksgiving. Having custom cards printed isn't very difficult or expensive, making this one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach out to a large number of people at once.

Thanksgiving cards can also be combined with other Thanksgiving promotional items for an even stronger effect. Thanksgiving is a strongly food-based holiday, so food items are great for this. Items like candy bars, chocolates, or cookies can have a Thanksgiving theme printed on the packaging along with the logo of your business or a message for your family. Items that make good appetizers, like cheeses or sausage, are especially appreciated at this time of year.

If you'd like to go even further than food items, it's possible to theme just about any promotional product for Thanksgiving. Turkeys, pilgrims, or other Thanksgiving symbols can instantly turn a normal promotional product into a Thanksgiving one. Kitchen tools lend themselves to this especially well. Someone who receives a Thanksgiving-themed apron or pie cutter is both unlikely to have one already and very likely to use it on the day itself. A well-chosen product could end up being used at every Thanksgiving for many years to come.

Cards, food, and kitchen tools are really only a few of the many possible ideas for Thanksgiving promotional items. The only limit is your imagination.


Thanksgiving decorations
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Thanksgiving Holiday

Natural Beeswax Lip Balm Pumpkin Spice Latte
As low as: $0.51

Rectangle Kraft Paper Luggage Hang Tags
As low as: $0.05

Holiday Candle Set
As low as: $16.34

LED Taper Candles, Flickering Amber Light
As low as: $2.75

Holiday Candle in 4 Oz Apothecary Jar
As low as: $6.70

1.75 oz. Premium Belgian Chocolate Profile Candy Bar w/ 4 Color Process Wrapper
As low as: $1.81

Ginger Bread Flavored Natural Beeswax Lip Balm
As low as: $0.51

Seed Paper Shape Thanksgiving Greeting Card
As low as: $1.25

Ghirardelli Cocoa & Chocolate Mug Stuffer
As low as: $3.80

Clear Pillow Box
As low as: $1.87

Windproof LED Pillar Candle with Moving Flame
As low as: $3.94

Union Printed, Certified USA Made "Thank You" Click Grip Pen
As low as: $0.54

Holiday Greeting Cards w/Imprinted Envelopes
As low as: $0.72

Rectangle Slate Gift Tag
As low as: $1.79

Oval Slate Gift Tag
As low as: $1.79

Thanksgiving Holiday