Our personalized certificate holders come in a very wide range of styles, colors and materials. Some certificate holders open vertically and some open horizontally. We can customized the imprint of your logo, crest or emblem in a variety of methods like, pad printing, foil stamping or embossing. Receiving a certificate or diploma in a holder will mean so much more than just receiving one without. If you don't find the holder you're looking for on this page, we have hundreds more to choose from so be sure to use the search feature to the right.

Certificate Holders

Certificate Cover - Horizontal or Vertical (9"x12")
As low as: $0.38

Clear Acrylic Entrapment Frame - Screen Print (5 3/4"x7")
As low as: $27.24

Economy Diploma Holders (Portrait Style)
As low as: $2.64

4" X 6" Leatherette Photo Frame with Custom Imprint
As low as: $1.68

Padded Diploma Holders (Portrait Style)
As low as: $4.22

Diploma/ Certificate Frame (18 1/2"x17 1/4")
As low as: $92.14

Metropolitan® Deluxe Travel Wallet
As low as: $14.07

Padded Leatherette Certificate Holder
As low as: $11.97

Leatherette Certificate Holder
As low as: $7.85

Kwik-Plak Certificate Frame Series (11"x13 1/2")
As low as: $10.56

Aluminum Picture Photo Frame Holds 4" X 6" Photograph
As low as: $2.71

Deluxe Certificate Frame for 8 1/2"x11" Certificate
As low as: $5.40

Wraparound Portfolio Certificate Cover w/ Self Easel (9 1/2"x12")
As low as: $0.46

Black Glass Picture/ Certificate Frame
As low as: $68.64

4" X 6" 7/8" Thick Sandwichment Entrapment Plaque
As low as: $24.20

Certificate Holders


Certificates are the traditional way to honor those who have completed a program, learned a new skill, or even just plain done a really good job on something. There are used by schools, businesses, and other organizations both to commemorate the achievement and to provide quick and easy proof of it to anyone who needs it. But while the certificate itself goes a long way towards honoring the achievement, having a good presentation is still very important. That's where personalized certificate holders come in.

Personalized certificate holders provide an attractive way to protect certificates while also making the logo of whoever awarded the certificate visible even while closed. The options range from high-end leather or leather-like materials to plastic to linen or other affordable paper-based materials. These sorts of logo imprinted certificate holders are especially popular with schools, who often honor their students with certificates for important achievements like making the honor roll or doing well on a difficult standardized test. They are also popular with other types of schools, such as driving schools, where students at the school have to complete a standardized program of some sort and generally need proof of what they've done at the end of the program. These also double as personalized diploma holders with the school emblem printed, foil stamped or embossed on the cover.

Nonprofit organizations may also use them when honoring volunteers or donors. Logo imprinted certificates and certificate holders are more affordable than more elaborate awards, while still being nice enough to honor those who receive them. Paper ones in particular are a great solution for those looking to honor a large number of volunteers or donors without breaking the bank.

Finally, any organization can also use these certificate holders to honor their employees. Employees who complete a particular training program or reach a specific work goal are often given certificates to commemorate the event. Even a small thing like a certificate holder can be used to show employees that their work progress is being noticed by the organization they work for.
In the end, personalized certificate holders can be used to make any certificate look even more special than it already is. They add an important extra touch to any award!


personalized diploma holders  


Diploma Holders

Economy Diploma Holders (Portrait Style)
As low as: $2.64

Padded Diploma Holders (Portrait Style)
As low as: $4.22

Diploma/ Certificate Frame (18 1/2"x17 1/4")
As low as: $92.14

Dual Certificate Holder (Imported)
As low as: $24.60

Economy Faux Wood Certificate Frame
As low as: $13.91

Economy Diploma Holders (Landscape Style)
As low as: $2.64

Turned Edge Certificate Holder
As low as: $9.90

Diploma / Certificate Holder (11"x8 1/2")
As low as: $4.10

Certificate Holder Deluxe
As low as: $22.44

Deluxe Diploma Holders (Portrait Style)
As low as: $8.53

Single Panel Diploma/Certificate Holder
As low as: $2.50

Deluxe Junior Size Diploma Holder
As low as: $6.42

Turned Edge Diploma Holders For 1 Certificate (Portrait Style)
As low as: $8.58

Standard Diploma Holders (Portrait Style)
As low as: $2.90

Deluxe Diploma Holders (Landscape Style)
As low as: $8.53

Diploma Holders