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Tanning, Nail and Hair Salons, Pediatrician, Chiropractor and Doctor's Offices, Hairdressers, Massage Therapists, Clothing Boutiques, Beauty Supply and Cosmetic Stores, or any health or beauty-related business could benefit from using personalized nail files as a promotional product.  You can put your contact information, logo, or message on them.  They can be used in a variety of advertising and marketing scenarios.  They are a great way of displaying your branding and image.  Can't find what you're needing on this product page?  You may use the search features here to find more promotional items, or more nail files-- We have so many to choose from!

Nail Files

Emery Board Standard Size Nail File 4.6" x .5"
As low as: $0.18

"Pro-File" 7" Multi-Color Thick Foam Nail File
As low as: $0.74

Classic SD Multi Tool & Knife (2-1/4")
As low as: $14.19

Standard Emery Board
As low as: $0.07

Nail File In Sleeve
As low as: $0.56

Diva™ Nail File
As low as: $0.56

Salon Board
As low as: $0.85

Full Color Nail File Manicure Set w/ Clear Storage Sleeve
As low as: $0.71

Nail File
As low as: $0.68

Cosmetic Bag Spa Kit
As low as: $11.18

7" Nail File in EVA Pouch
As low as: $0.71

Basecamp® Multi-Mate Multi-Tool
As low as: $28.29

Gimme Divot Repair Tool
As low as: $4.77

Neon Colored Emery Board Assortment
As low as: $0.09

9 Function Pocket Knife Keychain
As low as: $4.47

Nail Files

Personalized Nail Files - Your Logo at Their Fingertips

When trying to figure out what would be the best promotional item for a given business, it's important to think about what items people regularly carry around with them.  Any item that people are likely to keep in their purses or bags easily qualifies as a good candidate for use in a marketing campaign.  Promotional nail files fit these criteria perfectly, and many businesses find them to be a great way to keep themselves in the minds of customers.

When you think of a nail file, you probably envision a very specific shape namely, the usual popsicle stick shape shared by the majority of nail files.  However, while this is one possibility for the shape of promotional nail files, it's also possible to get ones shaped like circles, hearts, or other custom shapes to fit your specific business.  They can be produced in either solid colors or divided into multiple colors.  It's also possible to choose between fine grit and medium grit nail files.

The key to determining whether or not logo imprinted nail files would be useful for a company really comes down to the customer base.  If your customers are likely to care about the health and appearance of their nails, then nail files are a great choice.  Cosmetics stores who already sell other nail-related products can sell nail files imprinted with the store logo for a bit of extra promotion.  Similarly, nail salons can give away nail files imprinted with the logo of the salon to ensure that their customers are reminded to get their nails done every time they use the file.  The business doesn't have to be explicitly related to nails, however, and any business whose customers take care to maintain their nails can benefit from distributing nail files.

Overall, the possible customization options are extremely diverse, and they make it easy for any business to create promotional nail files that will stand out to customers.  Customers who receive them will think of your business every time they care for their nails.


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