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Restaurants, pizza parlors, lounges, wine bars, cafes and others who serve food and drink can appreciate the added value of a personalized drink coaster.  Coasters can even be used at tradeshows, for hospitals and wellness centers or for giveaways at your salon or spa.  They are an easy way of showing your company pride and serving their practical purpose at the same time.  If you still can't find what you're looking for on this page, use our easy search box and find more-- We have many products from which to choose!


Absorbent Car Coaster
As low as: $0.74

14 oz Ceramic Cork Bottom Mug
As low as: $5.59

Bamboo Coaster
As low as: $1.20

SipGrip™ To Go Coaster (Bulk)
As low as: $0.56

Arctic Beast 2 in 1 Vacuum Insulated Can Holder and Tumbler
As low as: $8.56

Full Color Process 40 Point Round Pulp Board Coaster
As low as: $0.12

Natural Coaster
As low as: $1.08

Stick & Stone Coaster Set
As low as: $10.04

Round Paper Coaster
As low as: $0.19

Absorbent Car Coaster
As low as: $0.70

Full Color Square Coaster
As low as: $1.54

Barista - 6 Piece Coffee Set
As low as: $10.28

Single Round Stone Coaster
As low as: $1.40

Cork'n Velvet Coaster
As low as: $0.97

Natural Leather Coasters
As low as: $1.35


Personalized Coasters Branded with Your Logo

No one likes having an unattractive ring of water accumulating on the table underneath their drink, whether they happen to be drinking it in their own home or somewhere else.  Coasters are the natural solution to this common problem, which is the reason they can be found in countless homes and businesses across the country.  With many businesses needing to have coasters available for customers, the majority of them also decide to make the next move to use promotional coasters as an advertising boost.  There are two distinctly separate kinds of promotional coasters available, depending on the situation in which they are intended to be used.

Most restaurants, bars, and cafes tend to use some form of disposable paper or cardboard logo imprinted coasters.  Coasters in any eating or drinking establishment are bound to be used by huge numbers of people, many of whom will invariably end up damaging them or simply taking them with them when they leave.  This makes the low-cost paper coasters a more logical choice for this particular situation.  The material also makes it easy to print a clear and colorful image on the coaster, allowing for memorable and interesting artwork alongside the logo.  The more interesting and distinctive the coaster, the more likely guests are to remember the particular establishment it belongs to.  The same principle can be used by any company who happens to be holding an event where eating and drinking will be taking place.

The other situation in which personalized coasters can be useful is as gifts for employees or for customers.  Coasters of this type are usually made of more durable materials, such as plastic, wood, or leather, with some even having components made of brass or other metals.  They can still naturally be customized with the logo of your business, but the effect is typically more elegant and subtle.  They're made specifically to be attractive enough that most people would be willing to use them in their homes.

The different types of promotional coasters are all equally well-suited to the situations they are intended for.  Paper or cardboard coasters are perfect for any restaurant or bar, while those made from other materials can be great gifts for employees and customers alike.  Both types are good at keeping tables clea-- and great at keeping your logo in front of people's eyes.


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Leather Coasters

Natural Leather Coasters
As low as: $1.35

Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit
As low as: $36.12

4-Piece Stitched Coaster Set
As low as: $5.38

Ice-Sphere Whiskey Kit
As low as: $22.36

Jaffa® Round Brass Coaster
As low as: $14.02

Atlantis Bonded Leather Square Coaster(black)
As low as: $1.45

Whiskey Kit
As low as: $25.80

Bonded Leather Coaster
As low as: $1.29

Black Leather Coasters - Debossed
As low as: $1.44

Domanda 4 Coaster Set
As low as: $9.46

Leather Coaster
As low as: $1.98

Jaffa® Round Brushed Zinc Coaster
As low as: $14.02

Regency Coaster
As low as: $2.80

TANNER Set of 4 Leather Coasters
As low as: $9.38

Color Top Leather Coasters
As low as: $1.55

Leather Coasters