Not just corporations with multiplied business locations could benefit from personalized clocks.  They can be customized and as used as promotional item or as an employee incentive or gift to your loyal customers.  You can put your company logo, or marketing message on them.  They are a great way of displaying your professional branding.  Having trouble locating what you're looking for on this page?  Try using the search feature to the left to find more-- We have man of clocks and other customized items to choose from!


Executive Desk Lamp with Multi-Function Display
As low as: $29.03

Double Ring Neon Wall Clock in 7 Different Colors
As low as: $59.63

16" Chrome Steel Neon Clock
As low as: $58.07

Blue LED Cube Alarm Clock With USB
As low as: $12.68

Howard Miller Discoverer World Time Desk Clock w/ Revolving Map
As low as: $46.01

iHome Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Alarm Clock With Sound Therapy
As low as: $77.40

11 1/2" Round Wall Clock
As low as: $7.95

Harvard Clock
As low as: $34.93

Ashton Pocket Watch
As low as: $63.64

Custom Double Hoopshot Basketball Game
As low as: $194.94

Imprinted Light Up Color Change LED Digital Alarm Clock
As low as: $5.37

Howard Miller Prestige Glass Rectangle Clock w/ Skeleton Movement
As low as: $122.09

Howard Miller Liberty patriotic beveled glass tabletop clock
As low as: $24.94

12" Brushed Aluminum Wall Clock
As low as: $28.97

"Bezel" 12" Economy Oversized Wall Clock
As low as: $10.32


Personalized Clocks Make High End Promotional Gifts

If there's one thing that modern people have in common, it's that we live our lives by the clock.  We go to work, school, or meetings at specific times, and most events happen at particular times as well.  Since everyone needs to know the time at various points throughout the day, this not only makes promotional clocks one of the promotional items with the broadest appeal, but also one of the items most likely to be seen at repeated intervals throughout the day.  Choosing the right kind of customized clock can make this even more likely.

There are roughly three basic kinds of customized clocks.  The first is just the simple, everyday promotional wall clock.  These are the sort of clocks that you normally see in schools and offices, as well as on the walls of people's homes.  However, in this case, they naturally have a logo printed on the face, so that anyone who looks at the time will see the logo as well.  Companies typically use these in their own offices to maintain a consistent look, but they can also be given as gifts.

Promotional desk clocks are a little more commonly used as gifts.  They can be analog or digital, and many digital ones have other useful tools built in to them in addition to the basic clock, such as thermometers or radios.  Most people will have a use for a nice desk clock, and few will want to throw away something so useful, so they are very likely to end up in use by whoever receives them.

Finally, the third major type of clock consists of promotional travel clocks, or travel alarm clocks.  These are battery-powered clocks that are meant to be taken on trips.  They're typically fairly compact, so that they don't take up much space in a suitcase.  Any company can give these as gifts, but they're especially appropriate for businesses that actually relate to travel, such as airlines, travel agents, or hotels.  They can be given as gifts or even used as rewards for frequent customers.

Wall clocks, desk clocks, and travel clocks each have their individual uses, but each of them works just as well as the rest.  Whichever of the three promotional clocks you choose to go with, you'll be exposing your customers to your company logo whenever they glance up to check the time.


promotional clock  



Howard Miller Discoverer World Time Desk Clock w/ Revolving Map
As low as: $46.01

Howard Miller Chronometer Rosewood Octagon Captain's Clock
As low as: $153.51

Large Aluminum Wall Clock Full Color
As low as: $12.70

Howard Miller Prominence Crystal Desk Set w/ Clock & Pen
As low as: $77.58

Howard Miller Marcus Curved Glass Alarm Clock w/ Rosewood Base
As low as: $22.48

Howard Miller Flaire Arched Crystal Award Clock w/ Silver Bezel
As low as: $71.80

Clock - Elegant Crystal Skeleton Movement Clock nicely packaged in a fabric-lined presentation box
As low as: $40.34

Georgetown - Desk Caddy with Weather-Station
As low as: $5.98

World Time Clock and Calculator w/Pen Holder
As low as: $2.80

Waterford Metropolitan Clock
As low as: $237.36

Discovery World Timer/ Magnifier & Paperweight
As low as: $15.96

Brushed Aluminum Skeleton Movement Mantel Clock on Black Woooden Base
As low as: $70.91

Clock - Radio Controlled Atomic LCD Wall or Desk Alarm Clock
As low as: $22.19

Clock - Showpiece Glass and Gold metal Mantel Desk Alarm Clock
As low as: $49.88

Celebrity Optic Crystal Clock
As low as: $145.34