Are you part of a church or ministry?  Do you need church promotional ideas? Have you been looking for more ways to get your message out to more people? Promotional products might be just the promotional tool you need! Countless churches, ministries, and missionary groups have used promotional products to attract newcomers, build ties within the community, and preach their message to those who need to hear it. JH Studios can provide you with over 1 million choices of products to customize with the logo of your church, selected Bible verses, or any other inspirational message you'd like your intended recipients to hear.
Which promotional products are most typically used by churches and ministries? Promotional apparel is one of the most popular categories by far, with the vast majority of churches and ministries organizations using some form of custom printed sweatshirts, or other clothing as a regular part of church activities. Many churches provide promotional T-shirts to volunteers and outreach workers, as well as participants in youth programs and other activities within the church. A gift of promotional apparel is a very effective way to make newcomers feel welcome as are calendars and related items. (continued below)

Other church promotional items can work equally well as giveaways or fundraising items. Products like keychains, flashlights and other everyday items are a good way to send inspirational messages to churchgoers even on days they aren't in church, while items like stuffed animals or coloring books are a good, friendly way of introducing important concepts to children in a form they can easily relate to. JH Studios has a considerable range of stuffed animals to choose from, including a good number of plush lambs in different styles. It's easy to customize different items with different images or messages, and many churches use different items or designs depending on who a particular item is meant for.
Getting people into your church and keeping them there requires a strong community and the right outreach methods. With our promotional products, you can count on people seeing your message exactly when they need to see it.