attorney promotional productsAttorneys often face a bigger challenge when it comes to finding new customers than many other types of businesses.  Those who already have regular need of an attorney typically already have one, while those who don't have one often won't bother to find one until the specific need for one arises.  However, if you only target potential clients at the moment they need your services, you'll end up unnecessarily losing a huge number of paying clients to your competitors.  The real secret to gaining clients is to ensure that they not only have your contact information before they even realize they need it, but also to ensure that they keep that contact information close at hand.

How do you do that?  It's simple. We carry more than a million promotional items that can be stamped with the name and contact information of your practice.  If you give someone a business card at a time when they don't see themselves as needing an attorney, they won't have much motivation to keep it.  However, if you give away promotional products with an obvious purpose, such as promotional letter openers, stylus pens, cell phone cleaners (which attaches to cell phones so it goes everywhere your client goes) and eyeglass cleaners those same people will be much more inclined to keep and use them in their daily lives.  Then, when they realize that they do, in fact, need an attorney, your website or phone number will be right there at their fingertips.  (continued below)

Out of over One Million custom printed marketing products that JH Studios has to offer the item to your right is our number one seller.  It's a microfiber cleaning cloth that adheres to cell phones when not in use. It will give constant exposure to your firm name, website and phone number because it's attached to the one thing that no one can live without Their Cell Phones!

Choosing the right promotional product for your law practice might seem difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Promotional office supplies have a universal appeal that can work for any type of practice, and they put your contact information at the person's desk, where it's most convenient.

However, choosing a promotional item that matches the type of law that you practice is also an effective strategy. Choosing something like a house-shaped promotional stress reliever for a real estate attorney or a promotional pillbox for a personal injury attorney creates a stronger link between who you are and what you do in the minds of your potential clients, and that can be extremely important at the moment they decide to seek out an attorney.

Promotional items are the best way to get the name of your law practice into potential clients' hands before your competitors do. If you'd like to have people thinking of you the moment they need an attorney, JH Studios has countless promotional products you can use to make it happen.  You can place your order here on our website or over the phone by calling us at 1-877-893-1741.



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