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Great for the Hotel and Travel Industries and other hospitality related businesses like Day Spas and Salons and any other businesses that stress leisure and relaxation. Flip Flops are an affordable promotional tool that will be used again and again.  Your company's branding will be a great reminder each time your customer uses them.  They can be used at industry tradeshows, as company giveaways both to customers or employees.  They are a great way of transmitting your standing in  your field.  If you cannot find what you're looking for on this page, use the search box to the right to find more of what you're looking for-- We have thousands of items to choose from!

Flip Flops

BrandGear™ Pebble Beach™ Slide Sandal
As low as: $9.46

BrandGear™ Baja Cali™ Flip Flops
As low as: $2.92

Slide Sandals with Adjustable Suede Straps
As low as: $8.82

Adult Flip Flops
As low as: $4.73

Hydro Slider Sandals
As low as: $10.32

The "Capistrano" - Flip Flop Sandal with Vinyl Straps
As low as: $5.47

Deluxe Flip Flop
As low as: $5.55

BrandGear™ Seaside™ Flip Flops
As low as: $6.67

Copa Flip Flops
As low as: $3.19

Slide Flip Flops
As low as: $6.81

Classic Flip Flops
As low as: $6.88

ISlide Slide Sandals
As low as: $19.35

Sport Flip Flops
As low as: $4.18

BrandGear™ Deluxe Big Sur™ Flip Flops
As low as: $12.38

Sport Athletic Slide Sandal
As low as: $10.74

Flip Flops

Flip Flops Make Warm Weather Promotional Fun

Whenever warm weather rolls around, countless numbers of people trade in their shoes for the more comfortable alternative - flip-flops. Some people wear little else on their feet for the entire summer! This consistent trend makes promotional flip-flops one item that you can count on a large number of people using on an everyday basis. This is fortunate indeed, because logo imprinted flip-flops are actually one of the most brand-friendly promotional items in existence.

Nearly any type of flip-flops can be branded the logo of your company.  For instance, often the top section of the flip-flops can either have a single logo printed on it or it can be covered with the same logo printed over and over, filling the entire usable area.  The straps of the flip-flops can sometimes have the logo of your business printed on them, so that there is a logo visible even when the flip-flops are on someone's feet.  Finally, even the bottom of the flip-flops can be branded with a logo, either a standard printed one meant to be visible as the person is walking, or in some cases, an imprinted one that leaves an impression of the logo in the dirt or sand as the wearer walks around.  This type flip flops not only has the standard advertising benefits of any promotional item, but also has the benefit of leaving a promotional message behind even after the owner of the item has left the area.  There are few other promotional items that can make that claim.

Customized flip-flops are appropriate for most marketing situations.  They make great trade show giveaways, and they're the perfect item to bring to events on beaches or college campuses.  If you distribute them at the right time, you can be confident that many of those who receive them will be wearing them for months to come.

Promotional flip-flops are a highly useful promotional item and one that can be easily company branded.  If you're looking for something that will keep your company logo on beaches all summer long, flip-flops are it.


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